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Take Back CONTROL of Your Body & Life!

Helping Professional Women & Driven Action Takers, Overcome Hidden Issues with Food,
Confidence & The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough.

with Rachel & David Godfrey

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Support and Consulting EXCLUSIVELY for busy, driven action takers who are ready to raise their game and work smarter not harder!

This is your CHANCE to find some direction, boost your confidence and change your body, business or lifestyle and FINALLY be HAPPY and true to yourself!

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Just imagine....

  • Having an annual plan to SUPERCHARGE your dreams and goals, which is broken down into monthly and weekly tasks so you know EXACTLY what you need to do everyday!
  • A fitter, leaner and healthier version of you, FREE of anxiety and control around food!
  • Being able to manage your emotions in ANY difficult situation!
  • Have unwavering self confidence, belief in your abilities and be excited by your healthy body image!
  • Be able to handle challenging or confronting work environments, dominating people or scary promotion interviews!
  • Rapidly and successfully grow your own business without being worried about what other people think!
  • Feel totally Stress-Free and In Control NO MATTER how crazy your life is!
Seriously - sit back and let that sink in …. 
You CAN have all of the above and SO much more.
Better relationships, better health, better quality of life, better business, more income and the freedom to CHASE LIFE on your terms!

But Is This Currently You?

  • Feel so stressed and overwhelmed that it is affecting your ability to be promoted or suffocating business growth?
  • Feel like every day is “ground hog day” and you are fed up of not being able to “get ahead” or "feel in control?"
  • Count all your calories and weigh your food and get anxiety if you are a few grams of carbs over your limit? Or struggle with binge eating or emotional eating?
  • Feel like everyone is judging you and you have to “pretend” to be someone you are not?
  • Have low self confidence and low self esteem?
  • Feel like you are missing out on life because you are so overwhelmed or caught up in your own thoughts?
  • Hit a weight loss plateau that you just cannot get over?
The truth is this list could go on forever!
Most women who we work with are perfectionists, worriers or over-analysers.
These patterns of thought and behaviour are PARALYSING and HALT all fat loss, business and happiness progress despite your best intentions. 

At Chase Life we provide elite female consulting designed to transform your mindset, body, confidence and lifestyle!

We work exclusively with professional women, executives or business owners. Our clients are the go getters, the action takers and the women who know they deserve better and they are prepared to invest in themselves and commit to changing their story.

At Chase Life we help ladies overcome their hidden struggles with food, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and the fear of not being good enough.

Unlike other consulting options which often only "talk" about the problems, at Chase Life we focus on YOU, and teach the strategies necessary to help you think differently and create lasting behavioural change for a happy and fulfilled life, healthy body or successful career.

Working with us at Chase Life is by application only. You must be 100% ready to make some profound changes in your life and commit to fully overcoming the roadblocks that are no longer serving you.

Our clients come from all corners of the world, distance is no object. We are based in Dubai, UAE, however all services are provided online.


About Us

The Transformation Experts in Behavioural Change - Helping you Overcome Anxiety,
Depression and Emotional/Binge Eating.

David Godfrey
Author, International speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Specialist in Emotional & Behavioural Change.

David has over 15 years experience helping people overcome a variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction.

David now specialises in helping people overcome chronic anxiety with Chase Life Breakthrough and helping people overcome binge/emotional eating with Chase Life Intensive.
... Even when they’ve been struggling with these issues for years… and even when other therapies have failed.

Rachel Godfrey
Physiotherapist, Female Fat Loss & Health Consultant

Based in Dubai, UAE, Rachel is regarded as one of the worlds leading female consultants and an international influencer on female health and wellness.
Rachel is a former physio and Oxygen Cover girl, with 14 years of experience training high performing women. Specialising in fat loss with behavioural change having worked with 1000’s of clients in person and online.

Renowned for her direct and unapologetic approach to fat loss, her goal is always to empower and inspire high value female clients to not only prioritize their health, but to take massive decisive action in their lives. To supercharge confidence, raise standards, play a bigger game, improve emotional intelligence and overall happiness in their body, business and lifestyle.

Grab Your Copy of David's Book TODAY!

You know how frustrating it can be when you have tried every diet imaginable, had countless expert opinions and still can't lose weight?

If lasting weight loss were as easy as calories in vs calories out everyone would be skinny! This book contains the missing link for achieving fast, easy and sustainable weight loss that nobody is talking about!

  • Condition your mind so that weight loss becomes inevitable
  • Build unstoppable motivation and self-confidence
  • Overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative self-talk
  • Resolve binge eating and food addictions once and for all

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