Finding the right help to overcome obstacles and change your behaviours forever isn’t easy.

So why choose us?

We leverage a diverse range of expertise to provide a comprehensive, results-driven framework for you to excel and thrive.

Our approach connects the dots between emotional psychology and decades of practical business experience.

Do you…


  • Link your self-worth to the success of your entrepreneurial endeavours?
  • Handle uncertainty by trying to predict the unpredictable and control the uncontrollable?
  • Struggle to switch off from work at will, even after working 16 hours straight?
  • Rush from one task to the next but constantly feel like you’re behind and overwhelmed?

It’s a LONELY place to be.

We’ve been there ourselves.

It's exhausting, debilitating, frustrating and overwhelming.

And whilst it’s mind-meltingly stressful, it’s also… boring and completely uninspiring to be dealing with the same nonsense, stuck in the same cycles and stuck at the same level day after day.

We know what it’s like to go from stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out, to thriving, scaling and getting more done in less time in the business with ease, flow and grace - whilst raising a family with 2 small children.


We’re passionate about showing entrepreneurs like you, how different life and business can be when you master how your brain is wired.


The most powerful way to develop your business is to develop yourself. Fact.

Meet Rachel


Rachel Godfrey has built multiple health and mindset consulting businesses for over 18 years.

She is a disruptive leader who plays beyond the rules and has developed a unique skillset that makes her “clinically unemployable”!

She also understands how life’s inevitable hurdles hold us back and what it takes to have it all.

Co-director of Chase Life Consulting, Rachel mentors successful entrepreneurs to live happy, fulfilled, and aligned lives through radical authenticity and lateral thinking.

Connect with Rachel on IG @therachelgodfrey

Meet David


David Godfrey is an author, international speaker, peak performance mentor, and specialist in emotional and behavioural change for entrepreneurs and business owners.

He has extensive experience spanning nearly two decades navigating complex mental and emotional struggles, including chronic stress/burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction.

David guides clients on a path to eliminate their blindspots and subconscious limitations, enabling them to embrace their best selves effortlessly and excel as leaders.

IG @dxgodfrey

Our Approach

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