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Optimizing Health & Accelerating Performance in Experienced Female Entrepreneurs and Executives.

We help experienced business owners & executives

supercharge their energy, productivity and influence... 

by identifying, rewriting, and rewiring the mental and emotional turbulence involved in running a high performing operation and upgrading their physical health from “getting by”… to exceptional.

You’re a driven high achiever. You’re successful, you make things happen, and you’ve got the track record to prove it.


So what’s the problem?

Firstly, the stress is becoming overwhelming. You’re on the verge of burnout and at times you even question if this is sustainable.

 Even if you’re doing everything right, hitting the gym, eating the right foods, nothing seems to be working and you still feel exhausted, overweight, foggy, hormonal and out of shape. 

You can’t perform as well as you used to, you lack the ability to think and see clearly, and you feel stuck, like you’re going round in circles.

Secondly, you know you’re playing at a level that’s beneath you. You’re capable of more and meant for more, but for some reason, you can’t unlock that next level of your own potential.

And by default, the growth of your business stagnates, your reach is lessened and you end up doing subpar work. You know you can DO more, ACHIEVE more, but you struggle to find that missing piece that FINALLY unlocks it all. 

The 21 Insider Strategies of Being a High Performer & Staying In Amazing Shape for Female Entrepreneurs and Executives

(We guarantee you will take away at least 3 principles to be in amazing physical shape & supercharge your productivity and influence, that you haven't considered before!)


Money is good, but honestly?
Life is stressful & feels absolutely unmanageable!


And sure…You get that it’s all figureoutable…but you just can’t seem to figure it out anymore!! 

You’re exhausted, moody, and on a short fuse. What you did previously is no longer working for you, and to top it off, your health and performance are suffering.

It takes enormous dedication and drive to live an extraordinary life – that’s how you’ve achieved so much so far - but when that drive turns self-destructive, you’re in trouble.


Here’s the truth of the matter… 

Fundamentally, after the age of 35, things have to change, and what worked before just won’t serve you anymore. 

Your body & hormones aren’t allowing you to move in the direction and make the changes you want to make.

An experienced approach is not only needed... but essential.


  • Here’s where we need to look at stress - how you regulate yourself emotionally.
  • How you eat to optimise not only brain performance, but how you look and function physically so that you feel confident and unstoppable in your own skin.
  • How you’re exercising, in order to mitigate the wrong kind of stress and program for the good. The kind of exercise that leaves you energised, looking and feeling fantastic, not tired, beaten, exhausted, and looking like a deflated balloon.
  • We need to look at hormones, the changing hormonal environment you’re faced with in your 30’s and 40’s and beyond and how that affects you not only physically but mentally and emotionally.
  • You’ve tried all the self-care strategies and spoken to different experts – none of which has worked or lasted.

In short, while there are many things out of your control, there are FAR more factors that are within your control that directly impact your performance across all aspects of your life.

It’s not like you don’t know what you want…

You do have a clear vision of who you want to be, but, well, it’s not this!

You can’t move forward when you’re stuck in survival mode.


Of course, business, fitness or diet strategy are vital… no one is disputing that.

However, all of that is a waste of time when you’re fighting an internal battle. It’s like trying to build a 10,000-square foot house on top of 2,000-square foot foundations.

It will never work until you expand and upgrade what’s underneath.

Expanding & Upgrading Your Foundation:

1) Your body & physical health:

So you have the energy to perform at your best and recover day to day and wake up ENERGISED and RARING to go each day. These are traits that are made and trained. When you get strong, in shape and take care of yourself physically; you become unstoppable personally and professionally.

2) Your cognitive | mental | emotional health:

Not only will greater physical health translate to more confidence, resilience and grit, but it will skyrocket your creativity and ability to think with clarity. You’ll see your problems clearly, with greater perspective and get to the solution FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVELY.

You’ll be sharper, brighter, more positive, more pleasant, more sure of yourself and lead from a place of peace and calm, feeling completely in control. You’ll no longer experience radical mood swings which come from learning to regulate yourself but also from eating to FUEL your performance.


You require an experienced mentor...

 to teach you the tools and strategies that will have you eating and feeling the best you have ever felt in your entire life.
Show Me The Success Stories!


At Chase Life Consulting, we help clients understand the REAL problem.

 (It's usually not what you think it is)

From there we guide you through the process of re-engineering the subconscious patterns that are holding you back in order to rewire the brain and optimise health to increase performance output, productivity, clarity of thought, boldness in decision making and unleashing bulletproof confidence while looking and feeling simply incredible.

This then gives you the mental and emotional freedom to unlock your hidden and limitless potential and build a life of deep alignment.

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