3 Steps To END Emotional Eating and Debilitating Stress & Overwhelm!

emotional eating stress success stories Jan 25, 2024

These 3 critical steps completely transformed Julia’s body & mind, and freed her from emotional eating and debilitating stress & overwhelm. 


Julia was, on paper, very successful - a good career, a great family, and she ticked all the boxes of the things we think will make us happy in life… 


… and yet privately she was struggling…

… she was stuck in perfectionism and couldn’t stop looking for flaws, mistakes, or things she might have done wrong or overlooked…

… she felt incapable of saying no, or setting clear boundaries without guilt, for fear of what people might think…

 … she never prioritised herself because she felt like she always had to be on, always had to be busy, always had to be productive and useful, and always had to put others first…

Food was her only release and her only “me time”.


As she put it:

“It became like my release, but it was a trap, and it kept me in a trap, almost like an addiction…

… and it was hell. Debilitating hell that I couldn’t find my way out of…

… and I felt ashamed.”


As you can see from her video she is completely free from this destructive cycle - not just a band aid or coping mechanisms - but complete freedom for good.


This is how we did it: 


Step 1: Create structure & simplicity with health, fitness & food.


Julia was confused, overwhelmed and second guessing herself.


She needed simplicity, not complexity.


We gave her a structure with food and fitness that fit with her busy schedule with a successful, but demanding, high pressured career in finance, and as a mother.


By guiding her on WHAT to eat, and by giving her very simple guidance on portions, she had a system that she could stick to consistently whether she was in her regular routine, eating out at restaurants, or travelling on business - WITHOUT any obsessive behaviours like weighing her food or calorie counting.


Step 2: Eliminate self judgement 


This was a big one.


Self judgement keeps us stuck in the very behaviours we are trying to change.


It kept Julia stuck in emotional eating, perfectionism, stress and overwhelm.


She thought she needed the punishment of self judgement, and the threat of self judgement, to beat herself into getting better and raising her standards.


Yet it was doing the exact opposite. It was fueling the self sabotage, the need for escape, and the overwhelming stress was only making her less effective and less productive.


By identifying the blindspots and eliminating the false beliefs which kept her stuck in low self worth and self judgement, Julia found herself getting more done in less time with less stress, and the need for compulsive eating & escape was gone.


Step 3: Learn to handle uncertainty


The ability to think and plan ahead is an important trait for high achievers.


But Julia was OVER-planning. She kept trying to forecast everything that could go wrong, and then trying to protect herself from every single possibility.


Once again, we helped Julia to expose the lies that kept her trying to predict the unpredictable and control the uncontrollable. 


She learned the difference between problem solving and worrying…

… and between being diligent or thinking ahead, versus compulsively overplanning because of a low tolerance for uncertainty, and the fear of being judged.


This enabled her to handle uncertainty calmly, logically, and pragmatically, instead of anxiously, frantically and neurotically. 


It also enabled her to disconnect from work at will, without needing food or alcohol to do so.


She is now completely free from this destructive cycle - not just a band aid or coping mechanisms - but complete freedom for good!


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