How professional women can take back control of their body, confidence & health… Why is it all going wrong??!

body confidence entrepreneur Nov 27, 2023


You’re exhausted, moody, on a short fuse and constantly on the verge of snapping…


Your health habits are inconsistent at best, and your body is paying the price…


At first it was just your physique, but now it’s started to bleed into other areas of your life.


It’s started to affect your mindset.


Your mood…

Your state of mind…

You’re more self conscious, irritable and frustrated.

You’re more distracted, more overwhelmed.


To make matters worse…


What you used to do previously to kick start your health and get back on track isn’t working anymore


No matter what you do, the weight keeps creeping up and up


And professionally?


In the early days of your business, you were hungry for success, growth and recognition.

You put in the hours and pushed yourself


Day in

Day out

Your body and physiology were young.




You were unstoppable


You could get away with burning the candle at both ends and forgoing on sleep and still function the next day. 


Perhaps you even saw this as a badge of honour.


Superhuman, you thought….


And physically?


Your skin still had its youthful glow and elasticity and acted like full body spanx - dampening the visible effects of weight gain on your physique.






Everything's changed.


Back then you were unbreakable


Whenever business went through the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks that are inevitable as an entrepreneur, you went all in and pulled out all the stops.


You pulled all nighters.


Grinded through…


You worked without a break… and hardly even noticed


You refused to let up, pause or slow down until the problem was solved or the project was launched.


And then…?


Then you went on a health kick. 


You were aggressive. 


Perhaps you counted every calorie. 


Perhaps you cut out all carbs. 


Went to extremes…


Perhaps you did tons of cardio every day…


HIIT classes to burn as many calories as possible.


And while these aggressive, short sighted methods may have led to rapid, short term results none of these results ever lasted…


And whilst it appeared that your youthful physiology could get away with it…


You were slowly pushing your body towards a tipping point…


…A tipping point that you’re only now starting to fully notice the effects of... 


In recent years, both your weight and your stress levels have slowly increased, one  alongside the other, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down…


And you wonder….


But why is this happening…? 


And why now??


 Truth be told…


Your “success strategies” that worked in the first half of your career have a limited shelf life.


You can get away with working obsessively, and running your nervous system into the ground with energy fueled by stress, adrenaline, caffeine, and long hours…


… and sure,,,


You can get away with taking short cuts with your health, and neglecting your relationships… 


… when you’re young and single with fewer responsibilities. 


You convinced yourself that, “That’s what it takes to succeed! 


Sacrifices must be made! 


This is the only way to solve problems and get ahead!”


Yes…work ethic, the ability to push yourself and do hard things are indeed crucial. 


But is it REALLY impossible to value health AND to solve problems, grow and succeed in your business at the same time?!


Of course not! 




Well…Plenty of people have done it before you!


But here's where you stumble….


You don’t know how to emotionally handle it when there are incomplete to do lists, unsolved problems and unanswered questions.


You haven’t yet learnt to control your mind, control your time, or to switch on and off from your work at will.




You can get away with this one dimensional, firefighting reactive approach when your business is under a certain size and your body is still young….


But when your business grows beyond a certain size, your current habits for handling problems, opportunities and business growth become subpar and inadequate.


Unaware of this however, you keep grinding along with your existing approach, thinking that the solution is just to work harder, longer, and faster.


Because that's what's always worked right…?




You become more stressed…


You cut more corners…


You need a release….


You seek escapism in food and drink as you become more exhausted and frustrated still…


You seek even faster and more aggressive “health kick” strategies to undo the damage as quickly as possible…


Which of course backfires even more…


And in turn, makes you even more frustrated, stressed and despondent…


And the more your physiology gets out of control - including blood sugar management, insulin health, and inflammation - the more your cognitive performance becomes heavily affected…


… focus, concentration, memory, learning, decision making, creative problem solving, resilience, tenacity and mood all become impaired.


Here´s the truth…


The reason you’re stressed and overwhelmed in work is the same reason you’re failing with your body and health goals. They are not separate, but rather, one and the same…


And look…


Trying to fix things with your old strategies is only going to make the situation, the highs and the lows, worse and worse.


The Solution?


Most people don’t get it. 


They don´t get the pressure


They don’t get what it’s like to be an entrepreneur when everything rests on your shoulders.


They don’t get what it’s like to have the responsibility of meeting payroll and paying your overheads month in, month out - regardless of what season your business is in.


They don’t get what it’s like to have no safety net, and no sick leave.


They don’t get what it’s like to face the constant uncertainty.




They don’t get what it’s like to be audaciously ambitious - despite all the risks. 


To aim obscenely high and refuse to settle for anything less.


They don’t get what it’s like to refuse to slow down or compromise on your ambition…


Because why should you…?


For people like you, if you want to completely transform your health, get into outstanding physical shape, and dramatically enhance your mental performance, energy, focus, clarity and resilience…


… WITHOUT having to downsize, slow down, settle, or compromise with your business… 


… we need a completely new approach which addresses the REAL problem with a REAL solution.


Two critical components of this solution must include:


  1. Lifestyle design
  2. Emotional fitness 


- Lifestyle Design


You can’t change your body without changing your life.

Here goes…


Most people are addicted and lying to themselves:


Addicted to hyper-palatable foods, addicted to over-indulging on the weekend, addicted to sweet treats after dinner, addicted to social drinking.


They don’t want to give up their addictions… or they don’t have the skills to do so. 




They attempt to find ways to have their cake and eat it.


They try counting calories all the while simultaneously remaining addicted to hyper-palatable foods, foods low in satiety and satiation, and foods that cause peaks and troughs in energy and blood sugar levels.


They try to burn as many calories as possible in their workouts, in an attempt to offset the fact that they keep drinking wine most evenings or heavily indulging in booze on the weekends.


Here's the truth…


You’re wasting your time!


It's simply impossible to have a healthy body, brain, and vibrant mindset without a healthy lifestyle.


Perhaps you´re thinking….


“But that’s boring!” 




Because here´s why..,..


You’re unhappy, unfulfilled and the only thing you have to look forward to is what you’re going to eat or drink this weekend!


To be perfectly honest….


You’re incapable of escaping the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion of your day to day life … 


… and you’re incapable of feeling excitement, variety, fun, energy, spontaneity, connection, joy, or fulfilment… 


… without taking a drug - in the form of food, sugar, alcohol, and indulgent tastes!


Which is why… 


You can’t change your body without changing your life.


When you’re ready to change, EVERYTHING changes.


Your sense of purpose, mission, meaning and fulfilment in your business…


Your sense of pride, self worth, self belief, self confidence and self trust…


Your sense of inner peace, calm, relaxation and happiness…


Your fun, excitement and zest for life…




When you’re NOT ready…


And you keep trying to shoehorn yet another diet and exercise plan into your already chaotic schedule without upgrading or changing anything about yourself…


…nor your mindset, your identity, or your lifestyle…


NOTHING changes.


You stay stuck and out of shape…


Constantly on and off the wagon… 


Disappointed with the lack of results you feel entitled to…


Convincing yourself that it’s too hard, or that some people are just lucky, or that it’s just unfair…


Slowly losing faith and trust in yourself and your capabilities to change your body and your health.


The truth is.,..


You really can have it all - body, business and lifestyle…But not if you half-ass it.


 - Emotional Fitness


To be perfectly honest…


The REAL cause of chronic stress and overwhelm that never seems to go away is internal.


When you’re unwittingly and unknowingly being controlled by subconscious habits such as:


  • Indecision
  • Overthinking
  • Perfectionism
  • Control issues
  • Over analysing
  • People pleasing
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Not feeling good enough
  • An excessive need for certainty
  • An inability to handle uncertainty
  • The inability to disconnect at will
  • The fear of being judged and criticised…


…You’ll constantly be on an emotional rollercoaster that only gets worse the more your business grows.


So, because your emotional fitness isn’t growing in line with your business ambitions, not only do you fail to cope as your business grows, but you’ll find yourself turning to coping mechanisms like food more and more.


You’ll turn to food to escape feelings of stress, overwhelm, disappointment, anger and inadequacy. 


You’ll succumb more and more to what we call the “fuck it!” moments:



  • “It’s a bad day so I might as well write it off and start again tomorrow” 
  • “You know you’re going to binge eventually anyway so you might as well do it now”
  • “Work is simply too crazy right now, I’ll get back on track after this deadline”
  • “I’ll just feel so much better if I have a taste”
  • “I promise this is the last time”
  • “Just this once”
  • “I don’t want to justify my diet choices to my (mum/friends/colleagues) so I’ll just do what they’re doing”
  • “I can’t be bothered to (shop/cook/train) tonight, I’m too tired, I deserve a break, I’ve been working really hard”



Truth be told… None of these have anything to do with fitness programme design or nutritional strategy. 


When you finally commit to emotional fitness with the same degree of passion as you do physical fitness or nutrition, that’s when everything finally starts coming together. 


AND.... it's a lot easier than you think when we have built a tried, tested and proven system!


At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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