The #1 Reason Female Entrepreneurs & Execs Are Unable To Get Their Body & Health On Track

emotional fitness health high performance Nov 10, 2023

 If you’re a stressed, overwhelmed female entrepreneur or senior exec who has been struggling for years, if not decades with your health habits and body goals, the real reason for your struggle is not what you think it is… and NO ONE is telling you the truth. 


Here's the deal...

You have blindspots - things you’re oblivious to.


You THINK you know what the solution is, and you keep trying to force yourself with more willpower, more self judgement, working longer, harder & faster and trying to squeeze more and more things into your already overloaded to-do list!


But nothing seems to be working. Not because “nothing works for you!” but because of these blindspots.


Of those blindspots, the most common issue that comes up again and again is PERFECTIONISM.


“Nope that’s not it!”

Hold on! Before you jump to conclusions, bear with me.

Remember… blindspots! We’ve been doing this a long time, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to get results - even if you’ve been struggling for years, and even if you feel like you’ve tried “everything!” 


Most people think that perfectionism is when you have ridiculously high standards and are exceptionally successful - albeit somewhat obsessive.


However, perfectionism will manifest itself in many ways that make it harder to spot.


Perfectionism leads to the all or nothing mindset, living in fear, stress, overwhelm & anxiety, constantly being on the wagon, off the wagon, and being unable to keep your own promises to yourself in certain areas such as health, fitness, love & relationships.


You’ll also struggle with a lot of self judgement - which you believe is necessary as a stick to beat yourself with so that you remain vigilant, don’t become complacent, and finally get better.


Perfectionism Is NOT High Standards, in fact it is the anthesis of!


Perfectionism is not even the same as having high standards. Allow me to explain.


The surface level symptom of perfectionism is a compulsion to always look for what’s wrong and what’s not good enough - in your work, in yourself and in your decisions.


You get more of what you focus on. If you look for what’s not good enough, you’ll always find something.


Now, checking for risks and downside is vital - in varying degrees depending on your industry. 


But perfectionism goes beyond the necessary checks and balances required for peak performance.


The deeper level driving force behind perfectionism is, “I need to get everything perfect and look perfect so that nobody can judge or criticise me and I won’t look like a fool.”


This is no longer about standards or objective outcomes. This is about insecurity.


Necessary checks for you to do your job get activated and deactivated as appropriate.

Perfectionism NEVER gets deactivated. You’re terrified of looking bad, getting called out, losing your hard earned reputation, being criticised, being disagreed with, or being humiliated.


So even if - during your incessant checking - you don’t find anything, you remain anxious that you’ve missed something, so you keep looking. 


Perfectionism has the following inescapable consequences.


  • You’re driven by stress energy instead of sustainable energy.
  • Tasks take 10x longer than they need to because you’re constantly scrutinising your work.
  • Nothing you do ever feels good enough.
  • You’re constantly anxious that you’ve missed or overlooked something.
  • You frequently miss the big picture because you become obsessed with unnecessary levels of detail and get caught up in the weeds.
  • You train your brain to hate the work you’re doing, which in turn frequently leads to procrastination.


How Perfectionism Destroys Your Health & Body Goals


Perfectionism will perpetually sabotage your attempts to get healthy.


Firstly, you’ll repeatedly find yourself exhausted and in desperate need of release from all of the self imposed stress & overwhelm. 


If you’ve trained your brain that food or alcohol is the most rapid, reliable and effective way to get that sense of release, then you’ll constantly tell yourself “just this once”, or “this is the last time”, or “I deserve it, I’ve been working really hard.”


After all, your survival brain doesn’t care about long term consequences. It just wants to escape immediately.


Secondly, you’ll tend to bring your perfectionism with you into the world of nutrition, fitness & health!


Perfectionism with food is one of the biggest precursors to what we call “f**k it!” moments.


You buy into the belief that the ONLY way for you to succeed is to get everything perfect.


You count every calorie, plan every meal meticulously, and track everything you eat and drink in your app.


Not only is perfectionism impossible to maintain, but you also have no idea how to navigate the grey areas of life - those times when you’re caught out of routine and you can’t get everything perfect.


But if you believe the ONLY way to be successful is to get everything perfect, then even the slightest deviation or setback triggers “What’s the point?!”


One “bad” food becomes a “bad” meal - becomes a “bad” day. You write off the rest of the day, weekend or even the entire week to “start again on Monday!”


Perfectionism will also put severe limitations on your business growth. Sure, if you have a high tolerance for pain, you can achieve a certain level of “success” through perfectionism - albeit in the most stressful way possible.


However, you’ll soon hit an invisible ceiling that you can’t break through because, as your business grows, you simply won’t be able to handle the ever increasing demands, responsibilities, problems, moving parts, and uncertainty.


That stress then bleeds into every other area of your life, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to your own promises to yourself.


Not only do you become increasingly frustrated, and increasingly stressed in your business, but in other areas of your life - such as food - perfectionism leads to the all or nothing mindset. 


You find yourself oscillating between short periods of attempted “perfection” followed by “f**k it!” moments and falling off the wagon.


Over time, the “on the wagon” periods get shorter and shorter, and the “off the wagon” periods get longer and longer.


How to escape the matrix!


  • You don’t have to burn your business to the ground, or lower your ambitions!
  • You don’t have to lower your standards, or become complacent.
  • You can INCREASE your professional success, get more done, more effectively, more efficiently, in less time, with less stress…
  • Reclaim control over your time, your schedule and your personal life…
  • You can be successful in your business life AND your personal life…
  • You can succeed in your health, body and performance goals WITHOUT sacrificing your business or your hard earned reputation.


But NOT the way you’ve been doing things. 


You do NOT need to hold onto the anxiety, the constant self judgement, the compulsive over-checking or over-planning in order to be successful, get ahead or progress to the next level.


In fact it’s inhibiting your capabilities. It’s exhausting, leads to burnout, causes you to miss the big picture as you get bogged down in the minutia, and it means you’re unable to handle greater levels of responsibility and growth.


You’re like a Ferrari with the handbrake stuck on. So much power and potential, all being stifled and suppressed by subconscious self protection mechanisms.


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