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burnout business growth entrepreneur Oct 02, 2023

 “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” - Mark Twain


This quote perfectly sums up why most overwhelmed, burnt out professionals remain stuck for years.


They may think they know what to do, but the truth is they don’t.

Chasing the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole…

They are running east looking for a sunset…

Or peeing into the wind…


Need I go on?! 


DAIVD AND I HAVE BEEN SO GUILTY OF THIS! We all have blindspots. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t be held accountable for something that you’re completely oblivious to.


But it’s a miserable experience. You try a flawed approach to fixing a problem - convinced that it’s the right approach - only to be met with yet more failure.


And because you’re the type of person for whom failure isn’t an option, you double down your efforts… on a flawed strategy.


Which leaves you even more burnt out and frustrated. You pick yourself up and try again, but with each cycle you feel a little more disheartened and a little more defeated.

And inevitably, your personal life, your health, and your loved ones pay the price.


The Flawed (Incomplete) Approach


Here’s what everybody tries when they get burnt out:


They start with “business strategy” solutions. The chances are you’ve tried most if not all of these: 


💫 Productivity “hacks” & time management techniques

💫 Software automation solutions

💫 Getting up at 0430

💫 Planning, prioritising & scheduling

💫 Hiring an EA

💫 Team building & delegating

💫 Trying to say “no” more and set appropriate boundaries


Then we all tend to progress onto “personal development” and “stress management” solutions. You’re probably no stranger to these either: 


💫 Meditation

💫 Yoga 

💫 Breathwork

💫 Self hypnosis

💫 Journaling

💫 Bongo drums & naked ceremonies in the woods as you sacrifice a slice of gluten free bread to the career gods (hey, I fantasised about weird stuff too in my most deliriously stressful days!) 


Some of these solutions - such as planning, prioritising & scheduling - are already in your DNA as a high achiever.

Some of these solutions - such as learning to say no and set appropriate boundaries - are vital if you’re going to overcome burnout. 

Some of these solutions - such as meditation or breathwork - are extremely effective and valuable.




At best these solutions are temporarily taking the edge off some of the symptoms.


At worst you’re incapable of implementing them consistently, feel even more overwhelmed by yet another thing to add to your schedule, and feel all the more inadequate for being unable to make it work.


None of this is your fault. We’ve all chased the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole at times.

And again, it’s not that any of these methods are wrong. But they’re all surface level strategies. They are the metaphorical 10,000 sq ft house built on top of 2,000 sq ft foundations. 


Without the foundations in place, it’s all going to come crashing down.


The Real Problem


By the age of 35, 95% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all automated. 


This is the real problem - your automatic, habitual responses to adversity, opportunity, high stakes decisions, pressure, demands and responsibilities.


High achievers who struggle with burnout will struggle with one or more of the following:

❌ Perfectionism

❌ Overthinking and over-analysing

❌ People pleasing and an inability to say no or set boundaries without guilt

❌ Low self worth, low self esteem, and not feeling good enough

❌ Imposter syndrome

❌ Chronic worry

❌ Rumination 

❌ A compulsion to prove themselves, long after they have nothing left to prove

❌ Having their self worth tied to feeling busy, productive or useful

❌ Indecision or decision paralysis

❌ A low tolerance, and fear of risk, mistakes and failure

❌ The fear of being judged, criticised, disagreed with, humiliated or rejected

❌ The fear of conflict or difficult conversations

❌ An inability to handle uncertainty 

❌ Control issues

❌ Monkey mind - where their mind is jumping around from one thing to the next


This is why we say that the REAL cause of burnout isn’t the externals, it’s the internals


It’s easy to blame the externals - the boss, the job, the business partner, the colleagues, the suppliers, the clients, the workloads, the spouse, the kids, the endless list of demands.

But the real reason for chronic stress that never seems to go away is the internal stuff. 


The good news is that none of these traits & subconscious limitations are inherent personality traits that define you. They are simply ADAPTATIONS.


Many people worry that, because they’ve been struggling for years, overcoming these issues will be long and slow. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Once you start addressing the real problem and get to the root of your conditioning, you have the key to rapidly eliminating all that unnecessary, self imposed stress and overwhelm, AND upgrading your mental function and professional performance to a level you never even knew was possible.


A Real Solution To Overwhelm & Burnout


If you are a driven business owner or corporate professional, and you know that the final barrier to scaling your business or progressing your career (and your happiness & health) is to upgrade your mindset, then we can help.


We have the most powerful programme to:

✅  Eliminate chronic stress, overwhelm and burnout, and

✅ Create the foundations in emotional fitness, self worth, personal leadership, and true resilience that enable you to grow to the next level without having to sacrifice yourself, your happiness or your personal life.


I know that’s a bold claim, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of our clients and see for yourself…

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then message us at… and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you. 




💫 “Business strategy” solutions such as time management, whilst important, are an incomplete solution to overwhelm.

💫 “Stress management” solutions such as meditation, whilst valuable, are only addressing the symptoms - temporarily.

💫 The real problem is your subconscious programming which runs 95% of your habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

💫 Burnout is not a strategy problem, it’s a mindset problem. 

💫 Once you address the real problem with a real solution, eliminating overwhelm and burnout is fast, powerful and life-changing. 

💫 When you’re ready to work with us, send us a message and let us know what you’re struggling with. 


Love Rachel & David 



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