3 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

emotional fitness mindset personal leadership Aug 17, 2023

Some people love affirmations others think they’re complete BS and a waste of time.

Affirmations are a tool. THAT’S IT!

But positive affirmations don’t work for most people.


1️⃣ You can’t create something new, in a space that is already cluttered.

Most people have so much unresolved crap from their past that they haven’t processed, resolved, or let go of.

You can’t create a new future if you’re dragging your history around like a ball and chain.

2️⃣ Most people have too much resistance. If you are afraid of change, afraid of the unknown, or afraid that you won’t have what it takes to handle the increased responsibility that comes with increased success, then you’ll sabotage your own attempts at growth.

3️⃣ Affirmations have to be congruent. Which means that your body language, your internal dialogue and your internal thoughts and images need to all be aligned with the affirmation.

If you tell yourself a positive affirmation with a weak posture, a doubtful tonality, and weak, vague internal images…

… and then 5 seconds later you say something to yourself like “what a load of crap, who are you kidding, who do you think you are?!” and you say THAT with absolute congruence - your tonality is certain and authoritative, and the pictures in your mind are fully aligned with “what a load of crap”

… then no wonder your affirmations are failing.


🦅 Clear out your history
🦅 Upgrade your identity to eliminate the resistance
🦅 Be congruent with your affirmations

Rachel xx 💫🤍


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