How To Prevent The Next Work Crisis Sabotaging Your Body & Weight Loss Success

fatloss success Feb 13, 2024
One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss success for high performing career women who run busy, successful businesses, is when work takes over and your professional life consumes your personal life.


Here’s how we stop that from happening:


1. Less is more
2. Know your priorities
3. Be strategically and mentally prepared for the obvious obstacles
4. Know how to switch on
5. Know how to switch off
6. Turn minimal effective dose into non-negotiables
7. Learn the difference between perfectionism & high standards


1. Less is more


When you’re time poor and on the verge of overwhelm or decision fatigue, the last thing you need is a weight loss programme with a massive hassle factor.


You don’t need to count calories to be in exceptional shape year round. 
You need basic nutritional principles that you can apply anytime, anywhere - whether you’re in your regular routine, or travelling on business. 


2. Know your priorities


Weight loss has the following order of priorities:


1. Mindset
2. Nutrition
3. N.E.A.T. (daily activity typically measured in steps)
4. Sleep
5. Exercise


The two biggest mistakes we see here are:


i) Neglecting or overlooking mindset. You can’t out-diet or out-train a mindset with low self worth, the all or nothing mentality, or food issues such as stress eating or mindless eating.


ii) Overestimating exercise and underestimating N.E.A.T. (steps). 


3. Be strategically and mentally prepared for the obvious obstacles.


There are predictable obstacles that catch so many people off guard - completely unnecessarily - and lead to falling off the wagon, self sabotage, getting disheartened & discouraged, making knee jerk reactions, or quitting altogether. 


This includes things like:


  • Travelling.
  • Holidays and special occasions.
  • Weight loss slowing down and even plateauing.
  • Handling imperfect situations, being out of your regular routine, or having your regular routine interrupted.
  • Making really good progress for a while… and then making subtle adjustments, or justifying slight deviations, which gradually escalate and lead to an insidious fading of your standards over time.


4. Know how to switch on


“I’m always on! My problem is switching off!”


The truth is, the way that most high achievers switch on is by using stress energy. They are fueled by overthinking, perfectionism, the fear of failure, and the fear of being judged.


90% of the stress and overwhelm in most high achievers is both unnecessary and self imposed.


This means they’re unable to prioritise their health habits consistently. 


When we establish the foundations of emotional fitness, you get more done in less time with less stress, handle problems, setbacks and uncertainty with comparative ease & calm, and your resilience goes through the roof…


AND… you have energy left over to prioritise your health habits - EVEN when work is at its busiest and most chaotic.


5. Know how to switch off
When you’re unable to switch off from work, you become depleted…


  • Mental performance including focus, concentration, learning, memory, decision making, problem solving, and executive function all become impaired…
  • Sleep deteriorates, making mental performance decline further…
  • Stress becomes chronic, which is a disaster for fat loss - both for physiological and behavioural reasons.


When you learn to disconnect from work at will, you become better at your job, you reclaim control over your mind, your energy, and your personal time, and you’re able to prioritise your health consistently - not just when it’s easy or convenient, but all the time.


6. Turn minimal effective dose into non-negotiables.


Most people think, “what’s the maximum I can get away with to get the fastest result possible?”


Instead, think, “what are the minimum standards required to still make progress consistently?”


Then turn that “minimal effective dose” into your “non-negotiable’ personal standards.


Now you have simple, but effective personal standards that you can always stick to no matter how crazy work gets.


7. Learn the difference between perfectionism & high standards. 


“Non-negotiable” personal standards have an “always” energy. But of course there really are exceptional circumstances when they are either impossible, or completely unreasonable.


Do these exceptional circumstances mean that you’ve failed? No, that’s perfectionism.


However, it’s critical to distinguish between genuinely exceptional circumstances… and “fuck it” moments or excuses when things get inconvenient, boring, or you can’t be bothered.


Professional women over the age of 35, who run busy, successful businesses have unique challenges.


No, we’re not going to treat you like a special wallflower or tolerate BS excuses.
Yes, we are going to address important factors such as a changing hormonal profile, high stress, long working hours, decision fatigue, and being time poor.

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