What Got You Here, Wont Get You There

becoming you energetics invest personal growth Aug 18, 2023

If you want more, you have to grow more.


What got you “here”, won’t get you “there”.


And you may have got here by accident, but to get there you must be INTENTIONAL.


Intentional in investing in your personal growth, being expensive AF in your focus and deliberate in your thoughts and actions.


To become the better manager, be more influential for your team and to be an inspiring leader, you must know in intimate detail

WHO they are.

And then become them.


To attract and keep your fuck yes relationship. The one where you are at home, safe, supported and lit up by… Who is the person that shows up authentically with confidence to that relationship? Get to know them, then become them.


To scale your business from 6 to 7+ figures, to truly impact and transform lives in whatever way that you do, to add insane value without burn out or working ridiculous hours, to be simple and transparent in your business - WHO is the person running the show? How do they think, what do they do? Become them.


To get into and stay in amazing shape, and have a lean, aesthetic and healthy body that is energetics and capable and strong AF. Know that person. This is even flow of them because they decided it would be that way. Become them.


And becoming THEM is…becoming YOU.

Getting clear on who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going in life…


Rachel & David




At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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