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freedom potential wealth Aug 18, 2023

SURROUND YOURSELF with people who cultivate personal growth, ownership and celebrate the success of others... and watch how fast your wealth grows!


Truth is, what even is "wealth"?


1. Wealth is Health –The ability to physically, mentally and emotionally courageously go off to the things that inspire you. Unless you are physically and emotionally fit, you won’t come close to fulfilling your potential. We can all do better. Life is being left on the table. Prioritize it.


2. Wealth is the quality of Relationships, most importantly, the relationship that you have with yourself, relationship you have with your past, and your relationship with the future. Your success will not exceed the level of uncertainty you can comfortably handle. Your personal & professional thriving relationships are born from a thriving relationship with yourself.


3. Wealth is financial growth and freedom. Your business / career will only grow as fast as you can personally grow. The ability to handle uncertainty, have difficult conversations, be solutions focused, add more value, problem solve, be the level head, mentor, manage, lead and coach others. Focus on what you can give (the value you provide) not what you get (the money you receive). Make this one shift and watch your financial wealth become more expansive.


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At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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