The Secret To Unleashing Your Unstoppable Badass Self

emotional fitness unstoppable self Aug 18, 2023

THE ‘Secret’ To Unleashing Your Inner, Unstoppable Badass!

It’s not so much a secret. There’s no conspiracy. Nobody is trying to hold you back by withholding secrets.

It’s more that the world, and the internet, is awash with an overwhelming amount of information, much of it contradictory. And most of it is designed to get you addicted to what’s easy to sell, instead of what’s actually good for you.

So here’s our “secret” if there is one. It’s to live life from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

What does that mean?

The outside in approach to life is the most seductive aspect of life. It’s also what keeps people permanently stressed, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, and disappointed.

The outside in approach looks as follows:

Events happen to me.
These events make me happy or make me sad.
So I need to control everything in my life and curate the “perfect” life before I finally get to be at peace with myself, with my life, and with the events that unfold in my life.

So now I’m constantly assessing whether I’m where I SHOULD BE or not. But have you ever been anywhere other than where you are?!

Here’s the irony…

You’re desperately trying to create a “successful” life, and in the process holding yourself back from the success you could experience.

When are people MOST effective in what they do?

When they’re in a state of flow. They’re not in a state of resistance. They’re not complaining about present circumstances. They’re not stressing themselves out saying “it shouldn’t be this way”. They’re not wishing it were easier, or that somebody else would do it, or that it would just go away!

It’s just like watching an elite athlete rising to the occasion. Even if they’re down on the scoreboard. All that is irrelevant. They’re just completely in flow, in the moment, in a peak state.

When you’re stuck in the outside in approach to life, you literally become dumber. The more stressed you are, the more the survival components at the centre of your brain get switched on, and the more the intelligent, logical, rational parts of the brain get switched off.

You also become almost permanently unhappy. If you believe the life you SHOULD be living is in your future, it will remain in your future. All you’re doing is pushing happiness out there - “someday”.

So the outside in approach makes you dumber, unhappy, stressed and overwhelmed!

But notice how seductive it is! Whenever there’s a “problem” in life, what’s our go to habit? Get pissed off, stay in resistance, refuse to let it go, and refuse to be happy UNTIL it’s solved! But when have you ever had zero problems in your life?!

Now, I hope this should be obvious, but I feel compelled to point out that the LAST thing I’m saying is to not be ambitious, or set big audacious goals! I’m NOT saying, be lazy, resigned, apathetic, or just become a pawn being pushed and pulled around by life!

I’m saying, if you remain addicted to the outside in approach to life, not only will you remain stressed and unhappy… you’ll also never be as successful as you COULD be, if you learnt to unleash all that energy, creativity, productivity, purpose and passion - uninhibited by all that negativity, stress, overwhelm, rushing and hurrying. Since when has rushing led to peak performance?!

Your brain is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to make you survive.

Which means that your mental and emotional fitness is exactly the same as physical fitness… You can’t just do it once and expect the results to last!

The trouble is, most people treat mindset like a luxury, or a hobby, or at best, something to go all in on TEMPORARILY in order to fix a serious problem, and then forget about altogether!

That’s like being overweight, getting obsessed about nutrition and exercise TEMPORARILY, and then going straight back to your old lifestyle!

If you stay addicted to the outside in approach to life, the absolute best you can hope for (which is a tiny minority of people) is that you build the business, build the career, make the money, but you’re still unhappy, unfulfilled, and stressed out your brains. Even more so for some people because the thing they thought was going to make them happy, or make them feel less insecure, completely failed and now they have nowhere to turn.

We’ve all seen those obsessed, driven entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to prove something, desperately trying to become enough, desperately trying to overcome their own low self worth, self rejection, self judgement, inadequacy and insecurity through material success. Nothing is ever good enough and now they can’t escape the addiction.

The ONLY way to be both successful AND happy and fulfilled is to live life from the inside out.


I’m saying go big, and take massive action WITH THE FOUNDATIONS OF MINDSET. With mindset as your step one, not as an afterthought, and not as a temporary fix or hobby.

Go to your mindset FIRST. Jocko Willink (former navy seal) talks about not letting your emotions get out of control. Ray Dalio (owner and founder of Bridgewater - the largest hedge fund in the world) talks about meditation, and his principles for life.

The world's best have mastered their mindset. Not as an afterthought, but as a FOUNDATION of their process.

Think about it. How successful or happy do you think you’ll EVER be, if your mind remains at the mercy of things like…?!

Low self esteem
Imposter syndrome
Over thinking & over analysing
Chronic worry
Monkey mind - where your mind is jumping all over the place
The fear of failure
The fear of being judged, criticised, and what people think of you

So the “secret” is to make a total commitment, a life-long commitment, a whole-body-mind-soul commitment to live life from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

Most of you won’t. Not yet.

Most of you need more pain.

Most of you will remain seduced by the outside in approach.

But my hope is that I’ve planted enough seeds that will one day come to fruition in your mind and lead to lasting change.

For the few of you who do get this - not just intellectually, but wholeheartedly - are on the verge of fully unleashing your inner, unstoppable badass! It’s inevitable.


Rachel & David 



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