Success In Business, Relationships & Health have This ONE Thing In Common….

clarity consistency integrity value Aug 18, 2023

Ask anyone who has got results in the area you are looking to improve - health, relationships or financial/business/career growth, for SURE the one thing in common would be CONSISTENCY! 💫


Doing the thing, even when they don’t want to, even if their day didn’t go as planned, even if the stars are not aligned or the wind was blowing in the wrong bloody direction!


I would argue that consistency is actually a superpower and its not born from willpower.


You keep showing up because you are so damn clear on the direction in which you are heading and UNAVAILABLE for anything else.


Understanding you won’t always be in flow, sometimes it’s so fucking hard, you work or workouts won’t always be amazing - but you STILL stood in the arena and did the thing!


Because you SAID you WOULD.


Consistency has been the key for me to not only gain certainty but also trust and confidence. In myself and others!


Knowing I could do what I said I would do.


You can’t be upset with the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do. Be honest - did you really show up?


Be so consistent with it that everyone knows what you bring to the table. Your value and contribution won’t go unnoticed.


Journal Prompt:

What areas of my life am I not taking ownership over right now and allowing drifts in consistency?





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