Something I wish I knew sooner as an entrepreneur

integrity overthinking strategy tenacity Aug 18, 2023

Something I wish I recognised sooner as a business owner is that the "strategy" isn't enough.


For example in business, we obsess over funnels, reels, hashtags, the team, leadership, marketing, sales copy, CRM systems, branding.


Or what bloody colour the CTA button is. 🤯


Everybody obsesses over strategy. I know it wasn’t just me!


All important yes BUT…


Honestly that’s not the real reason you are stuck and plateauing in your business.


It’s your mindset. You are the CEO bottleneck.


Struggling with things like:

❌ Low self worth and not feeling good enough

❌ Limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities

❌ Procrastination

❌ Perfectionism

❌ Overthinking

❌ Fear of failure and rejection

❌ Fear of being judged

❌ Rumination

❌ Imposter syndrome

❌ Monkey mind

❌ Worry


All the strategy in the world won’t help if you don’t have the solid foundations in place.


And for the most part, strategy rarely has to be anything more than some very basic, simple principles that THEN require massive action, massive commitment and relentless consistency with those basics. 💪


Mindset is non-negotiable and ONGOING. It’s not a set and forget of “read a book” and, magically be transformed by osmosis.


Part of being a human is that we have a survival brain which does not operate using logic. It only operates using emotion and associations.


This means that we are all PREDISPOSED to inadequacy, scarcity, insecurity, and negativity bias. 🤔 Its like the default pathway.


So if you leave your brain to it’s own devices, you’ll get repeatedly hijacked by your survival brain and sabotage yourself.


Developing the trails of success - patience, emotional self regulation, resilience, tenacity, self discipline, delayed gratification, personal integrity - doesn’t happen by itself.


✅ It has to be trained and conditioned until it becomes part of who you are and how you function automatically everyday. Meaning = learn by doing!


Look, you can fight it and you will only get so far. What got you here wont get you there.


The best strategy on poor foundations will fail. But even a mediocre strategy on good foundations will still succeed!


Growth mindset comes first 💫🦅


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