Perfectionism - the spinning wheel of death

perfectionism personal growth personal leadership Aug 18, 2023

This should come with a "trigger warning" because 12 years ago I would have had a complete head off if I heard the statement:


"Perfectionism is not the same as having high standards."


In fact, perfectionism is kind of like a virus in your business, like a virus on your laptop. Its slow, clunky, sometimes works but there is a lot of “spinning wheel of death” going on.


Most people are not aware of this and I was DEFINITELY in denial…but when perfectionism is first learned, it comes from a place of, “I need to get everything perfect and look perfect so that nobody judge or criticise me”.


Most of us are only aware of the secondary behaviour…


…which is constantly looking for, “what’s not good enough?” Constantly looking for flaws, mistakes, things you’ve missed or overlooked, and things people could dislike, disagree with or criticise.


So now, nothing you ever do feels good enough, tasks take 10X longer than they need to, and you train your brain to hate the process of doing those tasks because its so stressful.


There are three components to eliminating perfectionism.


🔺 The first, and the most important is to establish a foundation of self worth because thats the true source of the issue. (This is actually easier than you think!)


🔺 The second component is to value the speed of execution, progress, and having your business scale - way more than you value other peoples opinions. Because lets be honest have you ever been judged or criticised by someone who is ahead of you?! Didn’t think so…


🔺 And the third is to understand - not just intellectually, but thats being a business owner - but the sweating, nail breakage and tears get less with every fall!




Anyone who tells you otherwise is honestly delusional.


You get smarter, stronger, and you take it on the chin the more you experience and execute.


Sitting in analysing and pondering will get you no where. So jump in - it's never as bad as you make it out to be in your head!


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