How To Manage Your Children’s Behaviour

boundaries parenting supportingfamilies Nov 02, 2023

In this episode Renee Collins, Clinical Director at Super Kids Consulting shares her experience in managing toddlers and children, running her business and being a mummy of two herself. 

We Cover: 

✅ How Renee got into behaviour analysis & supporting families.

✅ Reasonable and age appropriate expectations of toddlers and children.

✅Taking a function-based approach to child behaviour: Determining why behaviours occur and why this is important to understand so you know how to minimise and respond - these are all learning opportunities for both child and parent. How you respond determines what your child is more likely to do next time.

✅ How to avoid tantrums and undesirable behaviours.

✅ How to – and how not to – respond when these undesirable behaviours do happen, and how to make them stop in the moment if needed. Keep boundaries fair, firm and predictable.




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