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burnout courage dominate life reputation Aug 18, 2023

When you are so stressed out about being stressed out and at "that crossroad", here are some things to consider about burnout.

Burnout is NOT the result of:

1. Market saturation

2. Too many tasks screaming for your attention

3. Unreliable staff

4. Government compliance, tax, regulation and red tape

5. Too difficult to juggle having a business and a family

6. Too many tasks that can ONLY be done by you

7. The high stakes industry you operate in

8. Too many interruptions

9. Not enough time

10. Not enough wine!


The REAL reason so many entrepreneurs experience burnout is because of:

1. Indecision

2. Slow execution

3. Overthinking

4. Self doubt

5. Imposter syndrome

6. Fear of judgement

7. Chasing success to prove yourself

8. Inability to handle uncertainty

9. Procrastination

10. Busy instead of productive


Before you shoot me, hear me out!


🙋🏼‍♀️We have all been there and blamed the external stuff- the to-do list, the market conditions, the staff, the clients, the business partners…

💁🏼‍♀️Most of us have tried to fix the surface level habits - productivity, time management, people management, leadership skills, strategic planning…

🤷🏼‍♀️And some of us have dabbled with the “magazine cover” solutions to stress & overwhelm - meditation, yoga, “me” time, journaling, breathwork, etc.


But the REAL problem is the deep subconscious programmes running your mind…

🧠 Psychological patterns such as low self worth, self doubt, not feeling good enough, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, over analysing, people pleasing, rumination, chronic worry, the campaign lifestyle, or completion addiction.

Until you resolve your subconscious programming, the stress, overwhelm and self sabotage will keep resurfacing again and again… until…


… you lose your mind, your health, your business, your reputation and your legacy…


… you downsize and give up on the dream…


… you have enough pain, enough courage (and frankly stubborn enough to stick to being a business owner!) - BUT continue some help to rewire and build a high performance brain to fix this once and for all.


Your business will only grow as fast as YOU grow. 💫🦅🤍


At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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