How I'd rate myself on IQ, EQ and XQ!

authentic decide growth perfectionism Aug 18, 2023

Here is how I get things done… DECIDE & GO!


Anyone on my team knows this is how I operate. Decide on the thing… and do it!


Wasn’t always this way. In fact, it used to be excruciating! I used to be getting ready to get ready, but never actually DOING the thing!


We have all been there - especially the recovered perfectionists and stress addicts among us - preparing and preparing more and organising every bloody duck in the row that needs to be organised, fluffing them up, checking, double checking, not feeling ready, the second duck had a feather out of place, the 5th one was the wrong colour….you get the idea.


And in the meantime weeks, months, YEARS passed by.


We have all heard of:


🤓 IQ - Intelligence Quotient - a measure of a person's cognitive abilities or intelligence.


❤️ EQ - Emotional Quotient - the ability to recognise and understand one's own emotions and the emotions of others.


But what about:


🥷 XQ - Execution Quotient - the ABILITY TO GET SHIT DONE!


Pre 2013, on a scale of 1-10, back when I procrastinated about doing stuff:

🤓 IQ - 7 - I worked hard academically and it took me so far, I learned I was quite smart if I worked hard


❤️ EQ - 4 - I was emotionally a lot less available. I found it awkward when others were weak emotionally. I was defensive. I felt like I had to prove myself all the time. This was utterly exhausting.


🥷 XQ - 3 - I managed to pull off a “she has her shit together” mask. The truth? I didn’t. Debilitating perfectionism, imposter syndrome, not knowing who the fuck I was meant that although business on the outside was good, I always felt like I was underperforming. I was SO SLOW to create new things. I turned down so many opportunities because I didn't feel like I could cope.


Now, nearly 10yrs later, I’d rate myself:


🤓 IQ - 5 - The more I learn the less I know. I'm open to changing my mind and growing new ideas and concepts.


❤️EQ - 8 - Finally realised my life, businesses, relationships and health would only grow as fast as I could grow. This meant managing my emotions. It meant improving my relationship with myself. It meant handling uncertainty and becoming comfortable with not knowing.

Growing my confidence in who I was allowed me to hold space and be compassionate towards others. It allowed me to become more authentic in my personal and professional relationships


🥷XQ - 9 - If there is now ONE area I excel in, it’s this:




Doing the damn thing.




Even when it’s boring.


Even when I don’t want to.


Even when I’m scared.




Because I said I would.


Sometimes you HAVE to fail, f**k it up and get it wrong to KNOW what the answer is.


Audit yourself, we are all always a work in progress and the best thing is it’s an Infinite game!


What’s your score?


Love Rachel



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