Why You Don’t feel Good Enough

fearless mindset self worth success what if Aug 18, 2023


Low self worth, low self esteem, low self confidence… whatever you call it, the fear of not being good enough is THE number one fear.


🔺Not public speaking

🔺Not spiders

🔺Not heights


The most common, AND the most destructive fear, is not being good enough.


It’s also the source of a whole suite of different secondary symptoms, coping mechanisms and adaptations….


1. Perfectionism

If I can get everything perfect, nobody will judge or criticise me.


2. Over analysing

Endless ‘what if….?” questions. trying to predict the unpredictable and control the uncontrollable.


3. People pleasing

Violating your pwn personal boundaries, standards, values and self respect in order to avoid your fear of being judged, criticised, or disliked.


4. Needing to prove you’re good enough

Constantly chasing more success, more money, more achievements - none of which works because you’re trying to overcome your own view of yourself!


5. Taking everything personally

Being hypersensitive to being “disrespected”.


6. Having a chip on your shoulder

Being incapable of admitting you’re wrong, needing to be right, even becoming the loudest person in the room.


7. Over explaining yourself…!


8. Rumination over the past

Replaying conversations and trying to figure out what people meant, of whether you said the “right” thing.


9. Chronic worry about the future

Worrying about failure or things going wrong in case you look bad, or get judged, criticised or disliked.


10. Escapism

Turning to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, TV, or social media to zone out/numb yourself from the pain of not feeling good enough and the exhaustion of perfectionism and overthinking.

As they say with addiction, you can never get enough of something that ALMOST works.


The solution is twofold:


💫Integrate the ego instead of trying to kill it.

You can spot when you get triggered and realise that’s not the REAL you. You don’t judge yourself or your reaction. Which ironically, means it doesn’t control you anymore!


💫Reveal and break free from the blindspots and false beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Which in turn means that you’re no longer triggering your ego over and over again. You feel profoundly at ease within yourself.



❤️THAT is the foundation to TRUE self worth❤️


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