The Top Five Mistakes High Achieving Women Make When It Comes To Weight Loss & Optimising Their Health

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I’ve helped over 1000 female entrepreneurs and executives between the ages of 35 and 50 lose weight & transform their relationship with food, their body & their confidence permanently…


1. Thinking that they know what they should be doing. “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.”


The truth is you don’t know what to do.


As Mark Twain said, “It ain’t what you don’t that gets you into trouble. Its what you know for sure that ain’t so.”


2. Not eating enough protein.


Protein dense foods have a TEF of 20-20%, which means that for every 100kcal, 20-30 kcal are used up in digestion. Carb dense foods only have a TEF of 5-10% and fats 0-3%.


Protein foods also have a higher satiation and satiety. Satiation means you feel full and satisfied sooner. Satiety means you feel full between meals for longer. 


3. Hoping that a new diet is going to repair their relationship with food.


Most people obsess over diet and exercise. Yes, it’s important to get these right. But the NUMBER 1 reason people fail - all of the “F**K IT!” Moments!


”I deserve a break, I’ve even working really hard.” “I’ve had a bad day, start again tomorrow.” This is the last time, I promise.” “Just this once.”


None of these “f**k it!” Moments have anything to do with food. there is no dieting holy grail that will magically eliminate all of your “F**k it!” Moments! 


Fat loss is an emotional problem.


4. Doing cardio instead of walking.


Traditional cardio isn’t “bad” or “wrong”. It has many benefits. However if your top priority is weight loss and live been struggling to get lasting results, try switching cardio for walking.


Most people who are trying to lose weight find that cardio increases their appetite beyond their ability to cope, to read the signals, or to know how to adapt.


Walking 10-15k steps per day will have a more positive impact on your metabolism, without increasing your appetite or cortisol.


5. Compartmentalising their life.


A business has many departments which work together - IT, HR, operations, marketing, sales, customer support, finance etc.


 Your life is the same - career, relationship, family, health & fitness, recreation, etc.


If the departments of a business don’t collaborate & work together , their business fails.


Its the same with your life.


Many high achievers are stuck in a pattern of firefighting. They go all in on business. Then they burnout and go al in on rest, recovery, or blowing off steam. Then they go all in on fitness and try to “get back on track” as fast as possible.


The result is one step forward and 2 steps back as they slowly gain weight every year.


Switch your mindset from, “What is the fastest way to get back on track?” To “How do I maintain the most basic consistency when life and work is at its most stressful?”


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