Why Female Entrepreneurs & Senior Executives Struggle To Optimise Their Health & Get Into Shape

fitness health lifestyle over40 Nov 02, 2023

When you’re looking to optimise health, enhance mental & physical energy & get into outstanding shape as a busy executive or successful entrepreneur…

… you can’t follow the advice of 25 year olds for 25 year olds!

You have unique challenges that must be catered for:

🔺A lot of demands and responsibilities

🔺Limited time

🔺A more stressful lifestyle, but a less youthful physiology and therefore less of a buffer against that stress

In this episode, Rachel and David discuss the big picture of getting into exceptional physical shape, health and mental performance when you’re busy, successful, experienced and stretched thin.

You’ll discover:

✅Why what works for a 20 something isn’t going to work when you’re in your 30s, 40s and beyond.

✅Why you’ve been chasing the wrong rabbit down the wrong hole, and which rabbit you should be chasing!

✅The underlying psychological blindspots that keep high achievers stuck in stress & overwhelm in their professional lives, and in endless cycles of on-the-wagon off-the-wagon with their health and lifestyle habits.




At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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We are excited to connect with you! 

Rachel & David 



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