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There's something incredibly attractive and inspiring about a person who is bold, decisive and successful and at the same time has sincere confidence.

This person is also genuinely happy AND successful. We are inspired because we feel their energy. They are unapologetic about their own success but they want others to succeed too. It's magnetic.


Believe it or not, there is a formula to this.


There are three pillars to success COMBINED with genuine happiness and genuine love for life.



💫Impulse control


💫Emotional fitness


💫Self acceptance


Without mastering these three pillars you will sabotage yourself again and again....


🔺You will struggle with self trust and imposter syndrome.


🔺 You will be on a roller coaster with your emotions and your results.


🔺 You will be on and off the wagon with your body, relationship and career.


🔺 You will have success in, maybe two areas but not all three of health, wealth and love.


🔺 You will keep learning more and more about the areas you struggle with most, but non of that knowledge will make any difference.


Each pillar has a dichotomy that at first appears contradictory but once you truly understand it you will discover the secret to freedom, happiness AND success that you never knew existed.


✅Impulse control

Impulse control is the ability to resist short term temptations that feel good in the moment but that are destructive in the long term. This could be procrastination, doing "busy" work instead of important work, emotional eating or spending or wasting time on social media. They have no idea how to establish values that feel aligned and then how to turn those values into non-negotiables.

THAT is the dichotomy of impulse control - to feel 100% committed WITHOUT feeling obligated.

Even when the going gets tough.


✅Emotional fitness

Emotional fitness is the ability to regulate your state internally, independently of whats happening externally. The truth is you ALWAYS have a choice in your response. Once again most people are approaching this wrong because they don't understand the dichotomy.

Yes, we are human and yes we get triggered but we are not a slave to our triggers. When you can fully acknowledge and accept you just got triggered whilst simultaneously refusing to allow your trigger to control you, you will have mastered the second pillar.

This is ultimate self mastery.


✅Self mastery

One of the biggest blocks or resistance that high performers have to the notion of self acceptance is words to the effect of....

"If I learn to love and accept myself , I will just end up lowering my standards, settling, and I won't be driven to get better"

Nothing could be further from the truth. You can be both resolutely committed to growth, learning, self improvement and success AND accept yourself totally, wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

At first this sounds like a complete contradiction, but it's the secret of a person who is driven and aggressive in pursuit of their personal goals AND they live their life in a state of flow, ease and grace. Fully present in every moment and filled with gratitude.


❤️The secret to having it all❤️

Everyone needs this. It's the real secret to having it all in in health, wealth and love.

David and Rachel




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