Eliminate Burnout Without Stepping Down

burnout emotional fitness high performance human doing Aug 18, 2023

You’re a high achiever. It's in your DNA to be ambitious and you will never settle for average.


But you’re burnt out.


On the surface you look like you’ve got it together but you can barely cope.


Each crisis you solve and each emergency deadline you meet is only rewarded with INCREASED expectations and workload!


⛔️You struggle to sleep

⛔️ Your fuse is getting shorter and shorter

⛔️ You're distracted and irritable

⛔️ You can't ever switch off from work

⛔️ You're gaining weight because you're unable to prioritise health

⛔️ You're afraid if you slow down you will damage your hard earned reputation


Something has to change....


But you don't want to step down, you don't want to change your career, and you're not one to play small.

Good for you! The truth is you don't have to compromise!

You can eliminate burnout without your career having to suffer.

When you make the following changes you'll discover that work gets EASIER the more successful you become - which is how its supposed to be!




As a high achiever you thrive on solving problems but this can sometimes create a bias in thinking that the problems lie "out there". In the workload, demands, company structure, politics & structure, team management, time management or even those higher up in the company hierarchy.

But, the real reason for overwhelming stress that leads to burnout is NOT "out there", but rather "in here" - in your subconscious programmes.


Here are some examples of character traits that many high achievers have in common.....

Traits that create early career success that are rewarded, applauded and reinforced.

They become addictive.


🔴The Perfectionist

The perfectionist is terrified of being judged, they incessantly look for flaws and whats not good enough.


🔴The People Pleaser

The people pleaser is incapable of saying no or setting boundaries without feeling guilty or anxious.


🔴 The Human Doing

The human doing only feels worthy or enough when they're busy, useful and achieving. When they stop they feel useless or lazy.


🔴 The Completion Addict

The completion addict can't stop thinking abut a project or task until they have closure. So now they can't switch off....ever.


🔴 The Over-Deliverer

The over-deliverer always needs to prove themselves even once they become respected and an expert. They are still trying to prove themselves.


🔴 The Helper

The helper needs to be needed. They feel like they need to earn acceptance by being useful and helpful but they do it to their own detriment. They become a martyr.


🔴 The Over Achiever

Similar to human doing but as well as needing to be busy all the time, the over achiever also needs to exceed expectations at all times. Anything less than that, they feel completely insignificant.


🔴 The Campaign Lifer

The campaign lifer lives their life like a campaign. They are all or nothing so they have a work campaign, then get exhausted and have a holiday/party/escape/unplug campaign. Then they have fitness campaign. Half way through the have another work campaign and so they continue in a never ending pattern of fire fighting.


🔴 The Imposter

The imposter is always afraid of being found out. They keep trying to do more and achieve more in an attempt to protect themselves. But no amount of success changes the fact that deep down they don't feel good enough or deserving enough.


🔴 The Worrier

The worrier operates from a default assumption that they're not safe and they're not going to be okay. They are seen as conscientious but they can't ever switch off.


🔴 The Workaholic

Theres a difference between passion and addiction and addiction is about escape. the more out of control you feel in your personal life the more you turn to work for a "fix". Work functions as a distraction or an escape from your own thoughts.


The truth is that you might be a high achiever, but you still have a lot to learn about being a HIGH PERFORMER.


High performers recognise that they are predominantly paid for making high quality decisions and for producing results. Not for how long or how hard they work.


💫High performers take care of their brains.


💫High performers have free time.


💫High performers are able to be high achievers AND have a joyful life outside of work at the same time.

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