These High Performers Always Burn Out

burnout high performers personal leadership Aug 18, 2023

Early in your career you put your head down and worked hard.

You wanted to prove yourself , so you took every opportunity to step up, to have an input, to go above and beyond.


These 4 traits...

🔺Proving yourself

🔺 Working hard

🔺 Focusing on quality and being thorough

🔺 Building a reputation as being reliable

...were rocket fuel for your career and the reason for your success.


They will also be the reason for your burnout and ultimate demise!

Wait! What?!


Allow me a moment to explain, because what got you here, wont get you there.


🔴The need to prove yourself...

The truth is, whilst you're now very senior, you STILL have a hidden need to prove yourself.

In essence this is imposter syndrome and is driven by a subconscious feeling that you're not good enough.


🔴 Success requires hard work...

Is it true that success requires hard work, all of the time, for the rest of your life?!

What if you operated from the belief that the more senior you become, the more you are being paid to make high quality decisions that get results?

Not for how many or hard you make those hours.


🔴 Being obsessed with the quality of your work...

The hidden pattern here is perfectionism, the complete opposite to high standards.

The perfectionist is terrified of being judged, criticised, or disagreed with, they attempt to get everything perfect in an attempt to protect themselves.

This habit is not driven by the standards required for a successful result, it is driven by fear.

You train your brain to hate your work because you're approaching everything in the most stressful way possible.


🔴 Being known as the one who gets things done...

You reputation, identity and self worth is tied to being the fixer, the one who gets things no matter what.

So now, you're incapable of saying no!

Part of you hates the problems, the workload and the stress but another part of you NEEDS it because that's how you feel worthy.

We call this the human doing, if you're doing nothing you can't shake feeling worthless and lazy.

Now you have to take more on to prove yourself in order to feel enough.



💫If you want to grow to the next level, you've got to rewire your relationship with yourself.


💥It's not a time management issue

💥 It's not a "me time" deficit

💥 It's not lack of holidays


It’s HOW you operate!

Your life will get better when YOU get better...

Rachel & David





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