How Our Clients Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives

bestshape business Jan 17, 2024

Our busiest clients - 8 figure business owners and C-suite executives are getting into the best shape of their lives without slowing down, or compromising their hard earned reputation.

No - they haven’t sold their business, retired, or followed any ridiculous diets, surgery or medication!

💫 Here’s how they are finally able to be as successful with their body, health & personal lives as they are in their professional lives:

🦅 1) Resolve confidence & self esteem issues. Yes, most successful women still secretly struggle with these issues.

This is the source of things like imposter syndrome, constantly needing to prove yourself - long after you’ve proven yourself, rumination & overthinking, over-planning through fear of being judged, and the inability to say no without guilt.

🦅 2) Learn to disconnect at will. Most high achievers find it difficult to switch off when there are still outstanding problems, incomplete projects, and unanswered questions.

This causes your work life to consume your personal life, stress to become chronic and impairs focus, concentration, memory, and decision making.

🦅 3) Minimal effective dose. When people are “getting back on track” with their health, they frequently do the most they can get away with to get the fastest result possible. This always backfires.

You need a set of non-negotiable standards that you can sustain even when work is at its most stressful, chaotic and uncertain. Minimal effective dose for the win!

🦅 4) Nutrition systems & principles. Successful, busy, driven women have better things to do than count calories & weigh their food.

They need a simple set of principles they can follow anywhere - at the office, when eating at a restaurant, or when travelling.

🦅 5) Eliminate cravings. There are two types of cravings - physical and emotional. We eliminate physical cravings with our nutritional principles, workout principles, and lifestyle design.

We eliminate emotional cravings by rewiring old, outdated conditioning in the brain, instead of making cravings worse with things like distraction techniques.


At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

If you are looking to get into amazing shape and become a better leader within your business or organization APPLY HERE for our 6 month Private Mentorship Program.   

We are excited to connect with you! 

Rachel & David 



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