99% Of Us Have Done At Least One Of These….

fear of failure success vision Aug 18, 2023

I would say 99% of us have done at LEAST one of these...


1. They’re not YOUR goals.

They’re somebody else’s goals. Perhaps your parents. Perhaps your boss’s. Or perhaps you just fell into this career path because it’s what you were good at, or simply what was available, and now you feel obligated to continue simply because you feel like you should, or because your parents would be disappointed, or because you’d be wasting your time, or wasting your education, or going back to square one if you pursued what you actually want to do.


2. You’re playing way too small

You struggle with self doubt and limiting beliefs, perfectionism or imposter syndrome. So when you imagine what you REALLY want, you quickly talk yourself out of it and convince yourself it’s beyond you or your capabilities. So you settle for more “realistic” goals… which are boring and uninspiring.


3. You’re terrified of failure

You think that failure means that YOU are a failure, not good enough, criticised, laughed at and ridiculed and unworthy of love! So once again, you’re scared to stretch yourself. You play it safe. You only set yourself goals that feel guaranteed.


4. You’re trying to prove yourself

Your goals are not based on what truly inspires you, what feels like an extraordinary quality of life, what feels meaningful, or impactful, or truly aligned with the depths of your soul, your purpose or your passion.

Sure, there might be elements of that, but your PRIMARY driving force is, “how do I do enough in order to become enough?” You’re trying to outwork your own self judgement and self rejection.


5. You’re trying to prove others wrong

This could be your parents, your school friends, or your old employer. Perhaps you left your old job on bad terms and you want to give them the middle finger and prove that you’re better than them! So now your motivation is built upon revenge and resentment instead of the life you want to live or the person you want to become.


6. You’re chasing money for the sake of money

Pretty much everyone who “just wants to be rich” fails miserably. That’s never going to last as a motivator. If you manage to battle through and "succeed" you will be miserable and unfulfilled on the inside!

You need relentless commitment, persistence, and tenacity to become rich. That’s EXTREMELY difficult to sustain if you’re not passionate about what you do, have a strong sense of mission, and deeply connected to what feels aligned.


7. Your head is in the rear view mirror

Even if you DID have a detailed, clearly defined vision for yourself and your life that fills you with a sense of purpose and passion, you focus on it perhaps 1% of the time - mostly when you’re writing it down.

The rest of the time, whenever you think about a particular topic - money, career, body, health, relationships - you obsess over what you’ve always known (your past) or what you’re currently dissatisfied with (your present).

So you take images from the past, project them into the future, and then wonder why history keeps repeating itself!

 Sound familiar? I know for sure David and I have been there.


Rachel & David




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