The 7 stages of development from overweight, stressed and overwhelmed high achiever - to - lean, fit, healthy, happy and fulfilled high achiever

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The 7 stages of development from overweight, stressed and overwhelmed high achiever - to - lean, fit, healthy, happy and fulfilled high achiever.




You develop a core belief from a young age that you’re not fully accepted - or even loved - unless you’re being productive, useful, achieving or even over achieving.


The moment you stop or take time for yourself, you feel lazy, useless, selfish, or worthless.


Any mistakes, failures, or even anything less than over achievement feels like you’re inadequate and will be rejected & abandoned.




You chase success, achievement, and growth in order to become enough, worthy and deserving of love. Or… at the very least… you chase success to push away the threat of rejection for just one more minute. 


Of course you also develop goals along the way. You want success so you can improve your quality of life. But the primary driver at the subconscious level is this attempt to become enough.




Self worth and self acceptance is the most primary, foundational emotional need we all have. We will do anything to get it, and if that fails, we will do anything to numb or distract ourselves from the pain of not having it.


This means that you’ll sacrifice sleep, physical health, mental health, relationships, and your overall happiness in this desperate pursuit of success, growth, recognition or accolades.




You achieve success. Of course there’s always another level, but you have enough wins, awards, promotions, and pay rises to realise that you’re no closer to what you thought was going to make you happy.


You have a nagging, “is this it?!” feeling which only gets worse every year.




The stress, overwhelm and self-neglect catches up with you. The buzz and thrill that chasing success used to give you has now been replaced with ever increasing stress and overwhelm.


You also feel frustrated, disappointed, and perhaps even ashamed of what you’ve done to your body, your health, and perhaps even your relationships over the years.




You reach threshold. You feel completely out of alignment. You pride yourself on being intelligent, driven, hard working, and on taking full ownership and responsibility for yourself and your life. 


Yet your habits with food, health, your body, and your personal life are completely out of alignment with this supposed identity of being a high achiever.


You finally realise that successful & lasting fat loss is first and foremost an emotional problem. 


You realise that you can’t keep trying to shoehorn yet another diet or fitness plan into your life, and instead you need to learn to “do life” differently.


You’ve experienced enough pain and you can see the writing on the wall. You refuse to tolerate this as an acceptable standard or quality of life moving forward.


You develop the courage to back yourself and take the leap of faith required to completely change the trajectory of your life forever.




You finally address the REAL problem with a REAL solution.


You create a new relationship with food, a new relationship with yourself, and a new relationship with life.


This gives you the foundations required to chase the right things for the right reasons, and to always remain consistent and aligned with your values, instead of being on and off the wagon, suffering with conflicts of interest, or feeling like life, work or business keep getting in the way.


Not only do you create the foundations for being lean, fit and healthy year round - WITHOUT compromising your business or career, but you also become happy! 


You eliminate unnecessary stress and overwhelm, develop a deep sense of inner peace, calm and acceptance, whilst also having a renewed sense of energy, fulfilment, purpose, passion and zest for life.


Sound too good to be true? Take a look at our client success stories to see hundreds of examples. 


“OMG, it’s like you’ve been a fly on the wall in my life! How could you possibly know so much about me? It’s like you can read my mind!”


No, we’ve just been doing this a very long time, and worked with enough high achieving female entrepreneurs & execs to recognise the patterns, plus, I have been there myself - having my self worth tied up on being busy and achieving. I was a stressed out workaholic and honestly - addicted. 


We often know our clients better than they know themselves. 


We can see what’s driving them subconsciously, and more importantly, we know how to give them the breakthroughs in their thinking that free them from the cycle of self sabotage, frustration and failure forever.


This is why our clients get such rapid and life changing results.

At Chase Life Consulting we specialise in the physical and cognitive health optimization and strategic performance of female entrepreneurs and executives.

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Rachel & David 



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