Why We Only Work With “Successful” Women…

It’s 2020… the age of “inclusion for all”, “provide services to please everyone”, “always cater for vegans (or insert special diet)”, “try not to hurt anyone’s feelings” and the utter cesspit that is political correctness! 

This notion makes every fiber of my being contract with repulsion. Being a jack of all trades, catering for every living ant, tiger and human is unethical and a weak offering if you want to provide the BEST service and results to your clients.  

If you want inclusion for all you can find a plethora of $97 programs offering just that. 

You won’t find it here and here is why!

Let\s talk about the specialised approach we take to behavioural and emotional change for overcoming binge or emotional eating….

First of all, many of our clients struggle with imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough. If that’s you, then PARK ANY OF THOSE FEARS about whether you feel “successful” or not until you fully understand what we mean, and what’s required to fully and permanently fix hidden issues with food… 

We help our clients to fully and permanently overcome binge eating. However, we don’t work with just anybody. Our clients MUST be committed, coachable, take complete ownership of themselves and their lives, and be prepared to work hard on themselves. 

The antithesis of this are people who are lazy, uncommitted, excuse makers, and victims. Some people have inadvertently learnt to play the victim. I need to emphasise that this is NOT something they do on purpose and some ladies are not yet aware of their behaviour. 

They have become emotionally rewarded for complaining and blaming (whether it be blaming themselves, life, or other people). 

Achieving anything in life requires courage, determination and tenacity. So playing the victim has become a strategy that protects them from having to face their fears, make any bold scary decisions, or do any hard work. 

Now that they believe “it’s useless!”, “I’m useless”, “what’s the point in even trying?!” “I don’t have to grow or get outside my comfort zone. I get to feel validated without having to do anything difficult or scary.”

Self pity is very self-reinforcing.

That’s how they become addicted to the story. As they say, “the only thing standing between you and what you want is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have it.”

Can these people change? Of course they can! But that takes a significant emotional event! You can either wait for life to give you that significant emotional event, or you can give it to yourself right now.  

As we like to tell people, you will either have foresight or hindsight. You can either see the brick wall you’re headed towards and feel the future pain now. Or you can wait until you crash into the wall and feel the pain for real. 

My hope is that for some people reading this, this self awareness is enough of a velvet sledgehammer (significant emotional event) for them to change. Change can happen in a heartbeat simply from DECIDING that’s not who you’re going to be from now on. 

Either way we choose to work with clients who don’t just “want” a great quality of life, they’re committed to it. They already demonstrate that they work hard, take ownership of themselves and their lives, and take massive action. 

As a result, many of our clients are driven career professionals and business owners. 

Does that mean we ONLY work with professionals? No! We’ve had plenty of ladies who are full time Mums (hardest most relentless job on the planet! I am a mum of 2 under 2!), or in full time academia…

But we actively look for the above criteria because those are the attributes necessary for success. It also means that working together is a joy because that’s who we are too! 

We want to have it all – body, business and lifestyle, and we love working with like-minded clients!

On top of all of this, fully and permanently fixing binge eating requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort. 

If you take the time to go through our client testimonials you’ll see plenty of ladies who felt like they’d already tried everything. Including therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and all manner of other approaches. Clients who fixed their issues with us in less than 8 weeks. 

So if you want a REAL solution that actually works, then yes, you’re going to have to spend some money and invest the time. As I often say, “you can’t shop at Chanel and expect Topshop prices!” 

So this is a callout to all the ladies who are hard working, driven, and committed, but still struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, negative body image, or not feeling good enough. 

Ladies who perhaps think “I’m a smart, intelligent, driven woman, why the hell can’t I get a grip on my eating issues?!” 

If that’s you, we can help you to rapidly and fully resolve these issues once and for all. Book your 1:1 complementary call www.chaselifeintensive.com/call

Love Rachel & David xx


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