Why Exec’s Are Bingeing More Than Ever!

If you’re a business owner, corporate professional or executive who already struggled around food, the chances are it’s worse than ever right now. 

You’re intelligent, driven and proactive. Yet for some reason you can’t get a grip on your issues around food. You have the best intentions and you get everything organised and in place, but it’s like another part of you takes over. 

And now that we’re all in lockdown it’s only getting worse! Like most of our clients I suspect you like organisation, structure and control. But working from home is only amplifying the stress, boredom, distractions, and the allure of the kitchen!

One of the really common patterns that keeps people stuck in binge or emotional eating is perfectionism and control. 

When you’re a perfectionist your primary driving force for working so hard is fear. The fear of people thinking you’re doing a bad job, being lazy, or dropping the ball. The fear of losing customers. The fear of being ridiculed. The fear of failure. 

Sure you also have goals that you want to achieve. But what’s the primary emotional driver when you feel compelled to check your spelling one more time, or to check the to-do-list, or email inbox? It’s usually the desire to avoid negative repercussions.

That’s a very stressful place to live. Perfectionism is primarily learned as a way to avoid the fear of rejection. It’s “If I can get everything perfect and look perfect, nobody will ever be able to judge or criticise me.” 

It also leads to control issues. Wanting to desperately have control over every outcome. Wanting to know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, before it happens! Which leads to asking endless “what if…?” questions and over analysing. 

Now, the chances are you also have a strong need to feel like an overachiever. On some level you may have equated your sense of self worth, or whether you feel like you’re enough, based on always feeling like you’re being useful, productive, and overachieving. 

As a result you’re super driven and you have a high tolerance for pain! You know how to work long, hard hours. So as a result you’re able to make the perfectionism work. 

It’s highly stressful. You raise your energy through stress energy instead of a sense of purpose, passion, or excitement. But your work ethic enables you to suffer through. 

I should know… I used to do life this way too! 

Unfortunately your current “success” strategy has a limit. You’re not able to progress beyond a certain level professionally because eventually the stress becomes intolerable. 

On top of that it’s making your binge/emotional eating worse. Why? Because you’re all or nothing. Whenever the demands and pressures at work reach a certain level you don’t feel like you can do more than one thing at once so you drop everything – including your health and fitness. 

Plus, if you’re a perfectionist, when you can’t get it “perfect” then what’s the point?!

AND food is a stress release for you. Whenever the stress of work and life reach a certain threshold the cravings reach a point where you believe that the only way you can get the cravings to disappear is just to give in to them. 

That’s when you have your “fuck it!” moment. 

So of course if this is how you operate, then self isolation and quarantine are only going to exacerbate the problem. 

But self isolation isn’t the problem. Your demanding job isn’t the problem. Your kids aren’t the problem. It’s how you’ve learnt to do life! It doesn’t just affect your relationship with food and your body. It affects EVERYTHING you do. 

If you want to overcome binge/emotional eating once and for all, you have to work at a level you never have before. You have to work on yourself. Looking for yet another diet, training plan or quick fix you can shoehorn into your already busy life isn’t going to fix it. 

The reason you’re so stressed and feel like you have no time is part of the very same reason you binge. 

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with binge and emotional eating. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m intelligent, driven and hard working, why the hell can’t I fix this shit?!” If you want a real solution that actually works, reach out and let’s see if we can help. 


Need some help?! Our Chase Life Intensive program has helped hundreds of women overcome binge eating, mindless eating, and the emotional struggles that kept them stuck. 

We have an unrivaled success record, however our training is not for everyone. We play full out and expect the same of our clients. If you are ready for the next level in your body, life and business BOOK YOUR CALL with us and find out how we can help you.



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