When You Say YES But You Really Mean NO!

It’s time I got this out and perhaps ruffled a few feathers. Not unusual 😉 Likely the most important post of the month!

Integrity is high on my list of values, and that includes business and personal.

Integrity is “the quality of being honest” and in my interpretation… “I do what I say I will do”.

I believe integrity is one of the keys to both success and happiness. Integrity to others but also, most importantly… integrity to YOURSELF! (Likely one of the KEY ingredients to confidence btw!)

I don’t make commitments or promises lightly or just say “yes” to please someone or avoid a perceived “awkward” interaction. Whether it’s a personal fitness goal, meeting up for coffee, or committing to the next project or growth in the business. When I say it’s done, IT IS DONE!

And YES, some of the goals I’ve set for myself I’ve failed to hit, at least in the time frame I set for myself or I have changed my mind on what I want the outcome to be.

Sure, sometimes I have to change plans with people at the last minute because of a genuine unforeseen problem. That is life, however I’m always do my best to be sincere, apologetic, and respectful of their time.

It is my personal policy –  I don’t make B.S. excuses…

When you have personal integrity you learn to back yourself and believe and trust in yourself.

You make shit happen!

You’re not flaky, indecisive, or unreliable.

That gives you a real sense of confidence and self worth.

But if you’re constantly flaky, cancelling on plans, or saying you’re going to commit to something and then backing out at the last minute, what does that say about you, your level of honesty, and your reliability?

Have the lady-balls to speak up, be honest and assertive.

If you don’t want to do something, JUST SAY SO!

Don’t say you will and then back out at the last minute.

Whether this is commiting to a new health or mindset goal, starting a new program, showing up to a call, a personal or work meeting etc. SHOW UP!!

People often do this because they’re afraid of being judged.

But you’re going to be judged way worse for being flaky and unreliable than you will for being bold, assertive and decisive.

Much worse than the damage you do to those relationships is the silent damage you do to your own sense of integrity and self respect. Which means you’re even less likely to believe in yourself and follow through in the future. Of course the cycle continues!

Start developing the habit of being true to your word. Yes there are EXCEPTIONAL circumstances when you sincerely can’t follow through. But don’t use that as a BS excuse. The more personal integrity you practice, the more confident you’ll feel, the faster you’ll make decisions and the more successful and happy you’ll be.

Strive to be a better human. Raise your standards and start delivering. Be Nice. Be Polite. Be Kind. Be Honest & Say Hello.

Some things that I try to remember daily!

Rachel xxx


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