The REAL Reason You Have Hit A Fat Loss Plateau

Some experts say that Weight Loss should be easy. We all get taught “just eat less and move more”, “calorie deficit”, “calories in, calories out”…… (eyeroll!) If this were to really be the case then why the hell are we in an obesity epidemic, have more disordered eating than ever before and we are a sad, unhappy nation.

As far back as I can remember in school, university, starting my career as a physiotherapist and the 15 year journey to where I am today running health and fitness businesses, I hear stories of women who are lost, confused and frustrated.

Completely let down by the dieting and fitness industries and left in a place of despair, desperation and a pit of low self esteem. Food is a source of pain and comfort.

Having now worked with 1000’s of women over the many years, there have been common behavioural patterns and traits that have been identified as to WHY women struggled to succeed in long term fat loss or a body transformation. None of which have anything to do with food or dieting.

Social media has bred a population addicted to instant gratification, self entitlement and lack of ownership – the disease of the 21 century. However, on the flip side, we also have the evolution of the “hustler”, the successful, driven woman who can do it all!

In both of these categories the prevalence of women that secretly struggle with food, control and the feeling of not being good enough – is OUT OF CONTROL!

Today we have a weight loss problem that is far greater than just solving it with “Eat Less, Move More”. 

At Chase Life we work with busy, driven and successful people. We repel those who refuse to take ownership or those that seek instant gratification. We work with the do-ers, the action takers, the women and men who raise standards and value personal growth.

They are also the women & men who technically have “all their shit together” on the outside but on the inside, they have hidden secrets. They punish themselves or reward themselves with food.

Food often controls them, starting a diet on Monday’s, they see foods as “good or bad”, they fall off the wagon and get back on….

Maybe you are now just frustrated and stuck. You have tried a 1000 diets, you have spent literally 1000’s of dollars seeing “experts” yet you still cannot lose weight.

For long term weight loss, we must look at the bigger picture.

Those people that are successful long term in weight loss do not just learn about calories, they learn about themselves.

Weight loss begins when you are able to manage your emotions, be kinder and have more respect for yourself. You are worth it, you just forgot because of all the nasty things you say to yourself.

Easy to say but how do you actually DO that?

If you are still reading this it is because you know deep down that you deserve more and you are now prepared to do the hard yards and work for it.

You think a diet is the solution, it is not. You must be looking at the rest of your life first, unfortunately this is hard and it cannot be measured using rules or calories which is why most people don’t go there!

You have to WORK and THINK. Too hard for most. Too much commitment and too much “hassle”. Most prefer to “sit and wait” for things to change. Unlucky my friend, you will be waiting a while and this time next year you will be in the same place.

So here it is. Just scratching the surface here – some of the REAL REASONS that you have hit a fat loss plateau, you are stuck in a career you hate or in a relationship that is no longer serving you.

The Key Take Away Points:

* YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: You know what you want to get away from, but you don’t have a clearly defined, exciting target to move towards. This is why you are stuck in a pit and can’t get out.

* YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT: Beliefs are the driving force between all of your actions. If you don’t truly believe you can succeed then you’ll sabotage yourself.

* YOU DON’T HAVE A PURPOSE: Who are you? What do you stand for? Where are you going in life? Without a purpose you create stress and coping mechanisms e.g. binge eating

* YOU’RE DISORGANISED: time management of both your physical goals and the rest of your life is critical to building the body or life you want. The problem is you overanalyse, you second guess yourself and fail to execute or complete tasks.

* YOU RELY ON EXTERNAL STATE MANAGEMENT: Success in any goal is dependent on your ability to create resourceful and empowering states that support your goal, independently of what is happening around you, without the use of food, drugs, alcohol or excessive exercise. “My boss makes me angry” No he doesn’t. You do that to yourself and can choose to feel differently.

* YOUR LIFE IS OUT OF BALANCE: Neglecting any area of your life, ultimately detracts from the quality and results you get in the other areas of your life. “I have no time” really means “It is not a priority”


Need some help?! Our Chase Life Intensive program has helped hundreds of women overcome binge eating, mindless eating, and the emotional struggles that kept them stuck. 

We have an unrivaled success record, however our training is not for everyone. We play full out and expect the same of our clients. If you are ready for the next level in your body, life and business BOOK YOUR CALL with us and find out how we can help you.



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