If I could summarise what we do in Chase Life it’s fundamentally about having it all – the body, the business/career, and the lifestyle (and helping you get over all the hurdles that are currently in your way!)

Most people know how to do one, maybe two out of the three at the same time. Very few women know how to consistently achieve all three at the same time year round. WITHOUT struggling with burnout, overwhelm or emotional struggles along the way. 

One of the biggest missing factors for many women is being and operating as a “high value woman” which is something I’ve spoken about a lot recently. 

Being a high value woman is a CHOICE. It’s not got anything to do with any of those bullshit fears around “oh but what if I’m not good enough?” 

I’ve spoken at length before about what I believe a high value woman is. In short it’s chasing life on your terms – whatever that looks like for you personally – whatever makes you sincerely happy and fulfilled. 

The high value woman knows who she is, what she stands for, and where she is going in life.
She has personal standards and clear boundaries.
She takes full and exclusive ownership of her thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the outcome of her life.
She knows her true worth and value without being self entitled.
She is proud.
She is certain.
Seeks opportunities for growth and investment.
She has high standards for health and self care. 

Some women are GENUINELY happy and content with a very simple life. They don’t need much to make them happy and that’s not from a place of “settling”. They sincerely don’t want for anything more. 

Other women love luxury, travel, and the finer things in life, AND they’re prepared to work for it. They love to set ambitious goals and go after them. 

Neither is right or wrong, it’s whatever makes you truly happy. 

Unfortunately many women don’t have any clarity on what they REALLY want. 


Because they briefly imagine what they’d like to have, and then immediately tell themselves they can’t have it and that they’re not good enough. 

So they dumb down their goals to something more “realistic”. Which means they end up with shitty goals that don’t feel exciting. 

Of course they fail to achieve their shitty goals because, “what’s the point?” Which only destroys their self confidence even more. And so it becomes a vicious cycle. 

What would you do differently in your life if you had bullet proof self confidence and identified as a high value woman? 

– Would you actually go after that promotion like you really mean it?
– Would you start that business you’ve been promising yourself?
– Would you show up online or in your marketing with authenticity and vulnerability?
– Would you leave that destructive relationship?
– Would you go for relationships with high value men (or women) instead of shitbags?
– Would you set boundaries, stand up for yourself, and stop being such a people pleaser?
– Would you finally commit to the body goals that actually inspire you?

Here’s why the concept of a high value woman is so important. Most people try to achieve the “thing” so that they can become the “person”. 

They don’t give themselves permission to feel confident in themselves, who they are, or what they have to offer until they are skinny enough / rich enough / smart enough / funny enough / successful enough. 

The truth is when you BECOME THE PERSON  you ACHIEVE THE THING, not the other way around. 

Your body is a DELAYED representation of your identity. 
Your business or your finances are a DELAYED representation of your identity. 
They are a reflection of who you USED to be, not who you are today. 

So become the person today to achieve the “thing” tomorrow. Confidence leads success, NOT the other way around. 

Confidence is a skill and it must come from inside. Otherwise your confidence is constantly going to be up and down depending on whether things are going your way or not. 

So CHOOSE to become a high value woman RIGHT NOW! It really is a choice. It’s an attitude, an energy, a personal standard. It’s how you choose to see yourself and how you choose to act every day. 

Most people obsess over the strategy for how to achieve their goals. That’s important. It’s also a complete waste of time if you don’t ALSO obsess over becoming the person who achieves the thing. 

Love Rachel & David xxx

❤️ Need some help? Decided that you are DONE with binge / emotional eating, low self confidence and overthinking? Ready to step into your identity as a High Value Woman? Take Action NOW and book your 1:1 consultation with us (and it’s ok… the scariest part is saying YES to change and HELL NO to staying where you are. We will hold your hand through the rest!) ❤️


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