The High Value Woman – Managing Overwhelm

Overwhelm and feeling stressed is so common among our clients. Sure, they are overachievers and have a lot on their plate but frankly all that is pretty irrelevant! 

Hear me out! As a former stress addict I am personally and now professionally well versed in this area! 

I thought it may be helpful to dive into some of the patterns of thought and behaviour that contribute to feeling overwhelmed, stressed AF and reaching for a bottle of wine or binge foods! 

Here are just a few common examples – 

> Perfectionism

> Overthinking

> People Pleasing

> High Certainty

> Being Self Entitled

> Having No Purpose 

> Low Self Esteem

> Negative Body Image 

> Monkey Mind

PERFECTIONISM: I personally excelled in this area! LOL!  Driven by a fear of being judged and criticised. You agonise over the tiny details. Getting most things done is stressful, takes longer than it should, and creates a backlog. Even once it’s completed you still feel anxious about it.

OVER-ANALYSING or OVERTHINKING: Constantly asking “what if…” second guessing yourself and never making decisions. Again, creating a backlog or feeling like you’re going round in circles.

PEOPLE PLEASING: Never able to say no, always taking on other people’s requests (even if you resent them on the inside (although at times you secretly enjoy being the go-to fixer!)).

HIGH CERTAINTY: An excessive need for control and certainty – to feel like everything is guaranteed, safe, predictable, where it should be.

YOU ARE A HUMAN DOING: I grade my former self an A+ in this area too. Your self worth is dependent on always feeling like you’re over-achieving. You’re either busy, or you’re lazy and worthless. There is no inbetween.

HAVING NO PURPOSE: You don’t know what you want in life or why you want it. So without any direction you do things because you feel like you “should”.

BEING SELF-ENTITLED: You want it all, but your parents/upbringing/environment has conditioned you into believing that if you complain, or worry, or act helpless, or play the victim, that eventually somebody else will fix your problems for you. Obviously this doesn’t work in most of life’s most important areas – particularly when it comes to purpose, fulfilment, and personal growth. So of course your self esteem suffers and your stress increases.

LOW SELF-ESTEEM: Constantly worrying about not being good enough. Obviously creates a great deal of stress and steals both mental and physical energy from pretty much every area of your life. As does…

NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE: similar to the above.

MONKEY MIND: F**k monkey mind. I had “squirrel on speed” brain! Where your mind is constantly hopping around from one thought to the next. You’re constantly multitasking – either physically, mentally, or both.

I could go on but right about now you’re probably overwhelmed about overwhelm!!

You’ll be pleased to hear that the solution to EVERY one of these issues is the same, you don’t need to fix all of these patterns of thought or behaviour individually.

We need to teach you EMOTIONAL FITNESS! It took me many years of trial and error but it certainly doesn’t need to be that way!

Most people are fixated on the externals – they want life, or circumstances or other people to change – which is completely out of your control! But when you develop emotional fitness, then you’re no longer reactive, and now you have emotional freedom.

What’s more, overwhelm can be GONE in a matter of weeks when you have the right strategy. So don’t wait till all your ducks are in a row….because we all know that will never happen! 

REMEMBER being a High Value Woman is a CHOICE. If you struggle with overwhelm, what actions do you need to take to get a grip on this and step into the HVW version of yourself? 

If you’ve been struggling with stress, overwhelm, low confidence, binge eating or emotional eating, you’re sick and tired of it, and you want a real solution that actually works, then reach out! Join 100’s of other women and transform your body, business and life with our Chase Life Intensive Program! 
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Love Rachel & David xxx


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