The Exact Moment You Binge Eat Is Only Half The Problem….

When you’re looking to fix binge or emotional eating, the natural place to start looking is the specific moment that the binge eating takes over. 

That moment when it feels like your brain is no longer your own and you’re just a passenger along for the wild ride!

That moment absolutely matters and must be addressed. In NLP, people talk about “secondary gain”. This basically means that every behaviour, no matter how seemingly irrational, serves a purpose at the unconscious level. 

One of the very common subconscious benefits of binge eating is it’s a way for somebody to “not think”. It allows them to switch their brain off and zone out for a while. It has an almost trance-like or hypnotic quality. This is also why, when you binge, you sometimes cannot even taste the food. 

In this example you’re looking to slow your brain down and get some release or recovery from stress, overwhelm, anxiety or some other difficult state or emotion. It could even just be as seemingless as boredom!

Through repetition you’ve trained your brain that food is the most rapid, reliable, and effective way to escape the stress and recover. 

That’s why you can resist food when things are going your way, but the moment the stress or emotional pressure reaches a certain threshold it’s like another part of you takes over. At that moment, it doesn’t care about the big picture consequences, it’s just “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” 

So to fix binge or emotional eating we must indeed address this first piece of the puzzle: The ways that your brain has learned to get that release and change your state (how you feel) internally (from the inside!). 

The only way that’s going to stick is if you learn an alternative that… 

1. Is internal instead of external (like food, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, gambling, drugs, social media, TV, etc)

2. Is at least as rapid, reliable, and effective as the old method. 

But on its own that’s not enough!!

We must also ADDRESS THE REASONS why you’re creating so much stress in the first place. 

Most people blame the externals for their stress: their boss, job, kids, spouse, demands, responsibilities, problems, etc. 

The true source of their debilitating levels of stress is actually coming from the INSIDE: low self esteem, perfectionism, over thinking, over analysing, people pleasing, chronic worry, guilt, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, not feeling good enough, etc. 

An entire day spent in these states leaves you burnt out, exhausted, and in desperate need of release… FOOD!!!

So asking somebody to address the specific moments they want to binge without addressing these deeper issues makes things almost impossible. 

Technically it is possible, but it’s kind of like asking somebody to give up their addiction to painkillers whilst simultaneously subjecting them to constant physical pain! They’re just going to be in survival mode the whole time you’re trying to teach them. 

This is why a solution to binge eating that actually works MUST address the complete picture. 

Even if you have an important and effective PART of the solution, it’s still not the COMPLETE solution. 

So of course it’s not going to work and it’s going to leave you even more disheartened. This is something we encounter a lot with clients….they have only been offered part of the solution. 

If you’re ready to commit to a real solution that actually works permanently then reach out and let’s see if we can help you. Book your 1:1 call


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