Struggle with Emotional or Binge Eating? This will be the MOST IMPORTANT thing you read all year!

Yes this is a long one but if you are serious about wanting to overcome any food issues – stick around!

Let me guess… it always feels like you’re being pulled in multiple directions!?

You’ve got a lot of demands and responsibilities. People depend on you, whether that’s professionally, or privately, or both. 

You’ve got so much on that at times it feels like you’re running to stand still?

There are so many things you want to do, wish you could do, to move your life forwards, to enjoy your life, or finally make the progress you want and deserve in your career….. 

But at the moment it feels like you’re just surviving rather than thriving?

What’s more you struggle with emotional/binge eating and despite everything that you do, it keeps coming back. 

You’re so disciplined with your food at times, but then other times you find yourself mindlessly eating for no reason, or you get an insatiable craving that you just can’t ignore?

You’ve tried compensating for it….. 

Cutting out carbs the rest of the time and almost saving them for the inevitable binge that you know is just around the corner. 

It’s getting to the point where you’re thinking about food and thinking about this issue way too much. It’s taking an unreasonable amount of your mental space and energy.

But how the hell are you supposed to deal with it?

> You’ve tried all the obvious options.

> You’ve tried all the diet and nutrition approaches.

> You’ve tried all the different workout options.

> You’ve even tried meditation and yoga to try to destress.

None of it has made any real, lasting difference to your underlying behaviour.

You also have moments when you worry about what it means for your future…..

“Am I going to be stuck with this forever?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I do this?”

“I’m a smart, intelligent woman, why the hell is this so hard?!”

Whilst you may have these fears and anxieties from time to time, you’re resilient and resourceful and you refuse to accept that your fate is sealed. 

You recognise that what you’re currently doing isn’t working, and you know there has to be a better way!! 


Where are you going to find the time to address this? 

And where the hell do you start? 

“Mindset” is such a minefield, and quite frankly, most of it looks like utter woowoo bullshit! You don’t have time to wade through all the crap, you’re already busy enough thank you very much!

So you look for (hope for) an easier, quicker, cheaper fix! 

You continue to look for superficial solutions to superficial symptoms (yes emotional/binge eating is a symptom). You try another diet, another online programme……

Or you simply bury your head in the sand and tell yourself you’ll deal with it later, after you finish this project at work, after the holidays, after the kids go back to school, when your workload eases off a bit, when life magically and spontaneously gives you a break!

Yeah right! When has that ever happened?!

You may feel like you’re too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed to properly address this right now…

…BUT that’s precisely why you need to address this right now!

Like I said, binge or emotional eating is a SYMPTOM!

The source of that problem, is EXACTLY the same issue that is causing your stress and overwhelm. Stress, overwhelm, binge eating, they are all part of the same problem!!

I’m sure that you have many demands and responsibilities in your life. Employees, bosses, clients, children, family, and so on. However, the primary cause of stress and overwhelm is MINDSET. (I usually hate that word but you know what I mean for context!) 

How is it that two people can have the same demands, pressures and responsibilities, and one of them is cool calm and level headed, and the other can’t cope? It’s mindset! (Or how someone structures their internal world.)

There are many patterns of thought and behaviour that contribute to feeling overwhelmed and stressed… here’s just a few common examples –

> Perfectionism

> Overthinking

> People Pleasing

> High Certainty

> Being Self Entitled

> Having No Purpose 

> Low Self Esteem

> Negative Body Image 

> Monkey Mind

I could go on but right about now you’re probably overwhelmed about overwhelm!!

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that the solution to EVERY one of these issues is the same!

So what does all this have to do with binge and emotional eating?

I want to show you how your issues with binge eating are all tied into this same problem.

I’m sure you have moments when you can think logically, clearly and rationally, and make good decisions around food. And then there are times when your smart, logical brain goes on vacation, and you simply can’t control yourself around food.

When does this happen?

One of the primary triggers is when the stress and overwhelm gets too much right? 

At that point you don’t feel like you can cope and you just need an immediate release. That’s what food does for you. You’ve trained your brain and your nervous system that food is the most rapid, reliable, and effective mechanism for getting a release from all that stress.

So the behaviours that I listed all contribute to emotional and binge eating indirectly because they dramatically increase stress and overwhelm, and in that moment you’ll do anything to escape that feeling.

However, many of those behaviours are DIRECTLY tied to binge/emotional eating too. Perfectionism being a classic example. That’s precisely what causes somebody to be “all or nothing” – where just one tiny lapse immediately escalates into writing off the whole day and having a full on blow out.

So, if you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll get round to addressing your food issues…

… later…

… when I’ve got more time…

… when life is a little less stressful…


Not one to sugar coat things, emotional or binge eating and your struggles with stress and overwhelm are all part of the SAME problem. 

That’s why we created Chase Life. We address EVERY one of the issues that cause binge OR emotional eating and teach you the antidote. We will show you how to finally overcome emotional eating and transform your life, body and business/career forever! Even if you’ve been so stuck and overwhelmed you feel like you’re just surviving and can’t keep your head above water. 

If you’re ready to work on yourself so that you can make binge eating a thing of the past, and also create the clarity and peace of mind that enables you to enjoy your life and start chasing life with passion and vigour again, then book to speak to us on the phone and lets discuss how we can help you.

Love Rachel & David xxx


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