Quarantine – Getting Fat & Binge Eating

I (Rachel) saw a post in a forum today saying “Anyone else gaining weight by the second?” No word of a lie, this post had 277 comments in the space of a few hours and lots of LOLs and me too’s! 

Ok so women joke about getting fat. Maybe it’s a girl thing and we seek comfort in knowing others are in the same situation…or is it that by making a joke out of it and having others say “me too” it gives you a momentary relief from the pain, low self worth and generally feeling shit about yourself. It also give you the perfect excuse not to do anything about it…until you feel so bad that you have that “fuck this shit” moment………and then the dieting / on off wagon starts again.

Here is the thing….quarantine or self isolation is going to be the PERFECT environment to exacerbate many people’s issues with binge eating, emotional eating, mindless eating, snacking and grazing. You don’t need to be an expert to know this means putting on weight! 

> You’re already in hiding so it’s easy to eat in secret.

> OR… it’s harder to hide it from your spouse, so the urges and cravings build more and more!

> You’re bored.

> You’re stressed with trying to do your job and the whole family under one roof at the same time.

> You’re fearful and anxious about friends & family, health, and perhaps work & money too. 

> You’re having lots of moments like, “what’s the point?”, “I can’t workout or stick to my diet anyway”, “I’ll make up for it tomorrow” etc.

> You’re justifying it by saying stuff like, “It’s a trivial issue compared to what’s going on anyway.” “Everyone else is snacking more too” “Look, 277 other women on this post have said they are getting fat too so….permission to continue!”

Your struggles with food and your body are only compounding the stress and overwhelm. If you wake up in the morning, scrutinise your body, hate what you see, chastise yourself for it, and then feel frustrated, disappointed or even not good enough, how is that going to affect how you show up the rest of the day? 

With your kids?

Your partner?

Your work?

How resourceful, creative, energetic, purposeful, tenacious, resilient, or proactive are you going to be? Chances are there’s a lot of apathy, low mood, being distant with your partner, never fully engaged with your kids, being short tempered, etc. 

Binge eating fuels stress and overwhelm. Stress and overwhelm fuel binge eating. They go hand in hand. They are part of the SAME problem. 

A REAL solution needs to address BOTH sides of the equation – the habit itself as well as the underlying emotional blockages (such as perfectionism, overthinking, or never feeling good enough). 

If the current crisis continues for months – as many are predicting – that’s a lot of time to accumulate both binge eating, chronic stress and weight gain. We all need to consider, what state do we want to be in on the other side? Mentally and physically? Our relationships? Our belief and confidence in ourselves to rise to adversity and grow?

So quarantine is NOT an excuse to bury your head in the sand and tell yourself you’ll address it once this all blows over. If you ignore ANY of your destructive habits during this time, whether that’s binge eating or getting angry at your kids, you’re actually making those issues worse.

Why? Because the message your brain receives is, “Whenever life gets uncomfortable or inconvenient enough, it’s ok to violate your own values and break your own promises.” So of course it becomes easier and easier to do it again. 

That’s why excuses like, “just this once” or, “this is the last time I promise”, are never just this once, and never the last time. You’re setting a standard that you tolerate. 

We all have a massive opportunity to grow in the current climate. How do you develop physical strength? By doing tough workouts.

How do you develop mental strength? By doing tough workouts!

Guess what? Life is giving you a tough workout right now. You can either rise to the challenge and shout, “WATCH ME!!” Or you can “hope and wish” that it were easier, that somebody else will fix it, or that circumstances will change for you. 

As they say, “The lesson will repeat itself until the lesson is learned.” 

Let’s take this opportunity to grow, to adapt, to overcome, to breakthrough. As we often tell our clients, the worst time to face your issues is the best time. 

So be proactive, and take massive action. If you don’t feel like you can figure this out on your own then get help. But whatever you do, don’t sit on the sidelines waiting, hoping, wishing and wanting. 

If you’ve been struggling with stress, overwhelm, low confidence, binge eating or emotional eating, you’re sick and tired of it, and you want a real solution that actually works, then reach out! 

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