Overcoming Anxiety & Overwhelm – Meet our client Vicki!

Vicki came to us struggling with debilitating anxiety and overwhelm (we don’t just work with emotional food struggles).
Vicki is an outstanding and experienced personal trainer with a successful business both online and offline. Yet she was fearful of really going for it with her business – and felt like she was being held hostage to her anxiety, overwhelm, and fear of rejection. 

Vicki had been struggling with these emotional challenges since childhood, and whilst she’d made some progress with some alternative approaches, still felt stuck and had a long way to go. 

As she said when she first reached out to us, “I feel I go round in circles… I have a lot of self doubt and question everything I do.” 

Vicki made such a profound transformation and overcame her issues so quickly with us (within the first week or two), that she volunteered to do this video for us before she’d even completed her time with us! 

In the video she even says “I’ve forgotten what it’s like to do anxiety!”
(we teach our clients, chronic anxiety isn’t something you have. It’s not a disorder or condition. It’s an unconsciously and accidentally learned behaviour. It’s something you do unconsciously, which is great news because you get to take the power back! Once we take what was unconscious, make it conscious, and teach you an alternative strategy, the anxiety disappears.)

Vicki is now being bold and decisive in her business, and is surging forwards with confidence, purpose, and ease. Decision making and action taking is easy now she is free from the fear, self doubt and anxiety. She’s finally getting herself and her message out there and having the impact she deserves. 

Here is her story….

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