Low Self Worth & Binge Eating

One of the most common things we end up addressing with clients is the feeling of not being good enough…

Not skinny… pretty… muscular… smart… funny… rich… successful… important enough!

All of us develop this in some regard as we’re born into the world and start figuring out how life works. We get caught up in trying to impress others or get others to like us or love us.

We need other people to validate us because that seems like the most obvious mirror on who we are, and whether we’re doing things right or wrong.

We also get caught up in trying to avoid anybody ever thinking anything bad about us.

Each of us then develops our own personal brand of compensation: the people pleaser, the fragile ego always having something to prove, the perfectionist, the over analyser, jealousy, fear of commitment, etc.

This puts people into a state of mind that feels very threatened. Always on high alert for judgement, criticism, mistakes, failures, and flaws in themselves. Always asking, “am I doing enough in order to be enough?”

The stress and overwhelm created by living in this state is one of the biggest things that contributes to binge eating.

When you feel burnt out and exhausted at the end of the day or the end of the week what seems more important? Making a healthy choice for dinner, or finally getting a sense of release from all the stress and overwhelm?! It’s not like you’re going to wake up 20lbs lighter tomorrow anyway, so might as well start again on Monday, after you’ve recovered!

But the truth is all this searching for love and acceptance from others is looking in the wrong place. What we are REALLY after is unconditional love and acceptance of self. Think about it, if you didn’t judge yourself… if you totally and completely loved and accepted yourself for who you are right now… would anybody else’s opinion (positive or negative) make any difference?

How would you show up in the world, in your relationships, your career, in everything that you do if you totally and completely accepted who you are as a person, right now?

Many people fear that if they don’t “hate themselves skinny” they’ll never be motivated to change or grow. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we’ve just established that if you DON’T love and accept yourself you’re so much more likely to sabotage yourself.

You can totally and completely love and accept yourself – WHILST – being resolutely committed to your goals – whether they be body, money, business, relationships, or lifestyle at the same time.

But here’s the difference…

You chase those goals because that’s FUN. Because that’s what you WANT to do. Not because you NEED those accolades in order to finally feel like you’re worthy or enough.


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