Coaches & Trainers – FIX YOUR OWN FOOD STRUGGLES before trying to fix someone else’s!

We’ve recently had a number of trainers and coaches reach out to us, looking for help with their own clients’ binge/emotional eating problems. It is fantastic that more coaches are realising the importance of the psychological side!

However, there is a hidden problem behind many of these requests:

A significant portion of these trainers and coaches haven’t fixed their OWN struggles with food.

They often use a different label to avoid feeling like an imposter: “struggling with self sabotage” is a common one.

But whether you call it binge eating, emotional eating, self sabotage, mindless eating, grazing, or unnecessary snacking, the question is this…

Do you have confidence and choice around food, or is it a compulsion that feels like it’s out of your control?

Or alternatively –

Do you constantly break your own promises or violate your own values around food?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you haven’t resolved your own issues yet.

There are two main reasons why a coach would ask for help with fixing their clients’ struggles before asking for help themselves:

1. They’re hiding in shame. They don’t want to admit – perhaps to others, perhaps even to themselves – that they have a problem.

2. They’re hoping their own issues will disappear if they get certified or educated. “If I get certified in how to fix binge eating, I’ll know how to fix my own binge eating.”

This may sound logical at face value, but this is actually the bigger, and more hidden problem.

Fully and permanently fixing a significant personal or life problem like binge eating requires going all in. You have to be willing to face your fears and work hard on yourself. Not just when you feel like it, but even when you really don’t want to.

Even if the solution turns out to be harder, longer, or more challenging than you thought it would be – doesn’t matter! You’re all in and you see it through anyway because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. You refuse to accept a life of mediocrity and emotional struggle and you refuse to go one more day without fixing the problem.

Most people who are looking for “education” are still in information gathering mode. They haven’t actually made a commitment to fix the problem. They’re still hoping that the problem is going to fix itself simply through intellectual understanding.

This is a very dangerous attitude. Why? Because you’re obviously not going to fix the problem!

Somebody could know everything there is to know about fixing binge eating, but if they haven’t made the decision to face their fears, do the work, and do whatever it takes they’ll fail.

They’ll keep giving themselves permission to make BS excuses and avoid doing the work whenever it gets uncomfortable enough.

So now, not only do you fail to help yourself, you’re going to fail to help your clients anyway because you won’t wholeheartedly believe in the process.

That’s why, if you want to coach, educate, and support other people in fixing their issues, you can’t be struggling with those same issues yourself.

This does NOT mean you need to be perfect or have no problems! Nobody is perfect and everybody has problems! But if you want to help your clients with binge eating or emotional eating, make sure you’re practicing what you preach!

You’ll tend to attract clients who have a similar attitude to yourself. If you’re uncommitted or indecisive, you’ll tend to attract clients who are uncommitted and indecisive. If you want driven, committed, decisive action takers as clients then it’s time to lead by example.

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