Avoiding Your “Trigger Foods” Makes Binge/Emotional Eating Worse!

One of the common strategies ladies often try to fix their binge or emotional eating is to eliminate or ban all the foods and all the situations or environments in which they struggle. Seems the sensible or logical thing to do right?

They remove ALL processed or trigger foods from the house, cancel any social engagements, and avoid as many work functions as possible. 

This actually makes binge and emotional eating WORSE!

Firstly because you are reinforcing to your brain that these are things to be feared. Your life contracts, you withdraw more, feel more out of control (despite your best efforts to maintain control!) and more fearful. As a result, you develop LESS autonomy, and LESS flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. 

This does NOT give you the emotional freedom you are seeking. It does NOT give you more control. It actually steals your sense of control. 

The more you avoid any fear the worse it gets. That’s how a moderate fear of heights becomes a paralysing fear of heights. A fear of food or being in an uncontrolled “food environment” becomes a debilitating fear often resulting in feelings of loneliness because you have avoided the event and a binge at home anyway… 

OK side note – a fear of spiders are the exception here! If you have ever encountered an Australian Huntsman in your bathroom/bedroom/kitchen…well, you understand! Lol. 

Back to it – this is why at Chase Life we INSIST that our clients have their favourite sweet or processed foods in the house. AND we want them to actually eat these foods in appropriate moderation throughout the week. We also want them to socialise and go out with friends. 

Not only does this train their brain out of scarcity, it is also an opportunity for them to practice the mindset skills we teach them. To practice feeling the old triggers and the old feelings and responding in new ways. 

To practice hearing that internal voice that says, “You’ve ruined your diet now! You might as well binge!” and learning how to regulate their emotions and their responses internally. 

YOU CANNOT train a new response by avoiding what you fear! It’s WHEN the urges and cravings hit that you have an opportunity to train a new response. So don’t avoid those foods, don’t avoid those situations, see them as an opportunity to practice. 

CHASE LIFE by definition is doing life on your terms, showing up fully with confidence and experiencing all that you desire for your body life and business. 

There is NO room in that definition for social avoidance and behaviours that do not serve you…. 


Do you need some help?

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