Avoiding Binge Eating While In Self-Isolation

The chances are that self isolation is going to add fuel to the fire for many binge eaters. Many of the triggers for cravings and “f*** it!” moments will be amplified and brought to the fore.

– There’s a high risk of boredom and cabin fever.

– The kitchen is right there and there’s fewer people around to scrutinise your eating.

– Perhaps you can’t go to the gym and you’re already thinking, “screw it, what’s the point?

– Perhaps you’re having to work from home AND the kids are home and driving you crazy!⁣

Many people’s strategy for coping with binge eating is to avoid triggers. For example, perhaps you try to avoid having any binge foods in the house.⁣

When we’re working with our clients to fully and permanently resolve binge eating, we don’t actually want them avoiding triggers.⁣

What we want is emotional freedom, whereby you can genuinely take it or leave it. We teach our clients our R.A.P. Process for rewiring compulsive habits. This enables them to reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of cravings until they eventually disappear.⁣

However, without training in these techniques, keeping certain foods out of the house may be a useful stopgap for some people. Just be careful how long you rely on these methods because what can happen over time is that your life contracts, and your fear of certain foods, or certain environments only increases.⁣

In the meantime, whilst you’re in isolation the following two guidelines will go a long way to helping you cope:

1. Thinking in towards language. Away from language is talking about and focusing on what you DON’T want. “I don’t want to feel stressed, I don’t want to think about food, etc”. Unfortunately you get more of what you focus on. The more you tell yourself “don’t think about food!” the more you think about it!⁣

So what DO you want instead? To focus on your work, and feel energised and productive? To be fully present with your kids and feel grateful and connected with them? Whatever you focus on will amplify.⁣

2. Identify what binge eating REALLY gives you. Is it a release from stress? Is it how you relax? Is it a distraction from work you don’t like? Start figuring out much more life-enhancing ways to meet these needs. For example, perhaps you need to schedule regular work breaks.

If you don’t want to just “cope” anymore and you want to overcome these issues once and for all, that’s going to take deeper level coaching.⁣

Now could be the perfect time to do that! Anybody can pretend to be in control when their life is perfect and ”in control”. The worst time is in fact the best time should you choose to see things that way…. 

If you’ve been struggling with stress, overwhelm, low confidence, binge eating or emotional eating, you’re sick and tired of it, and you want a real solution that actually works, then reach out! Join 100’s of other women and transform your body, business and life with our Chase Life Intensive Program! 
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